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IMG Academy Athletic And Personal Development Coaches

Our Athletic and Personal Development specialists train many of the world’s top athletes. Learn from the industry’s top performance specialists who work with pros from the NFL, MLB, NBA/WNBA, NLL, ATP/WTA, and PGA/LPGA.

Sports Science

  • Matt Rhea
    Head of Sports Science
    Dr. Matt Rhea completed a PhD at Arizona State University in 2004 with a research...

Physical Conditioning Coaches

  • Scott Gadeken
    Head of Physical Conditioning
    As IMG Academy's Head of Physical Conditioning, Scott Gadeken manages the physical...
  • Nicholas Panetta
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Nick Panetta has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. ...
  • David Ballou
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Prior to working at the IMG Academy, David Ballou served as the Head Strength and...
  • Steffen Visk
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Steffen Visk has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program...
  • Thea Vock
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Thea joined IMG Academy's Athletic and Personal Development department in August...
  • Elliott Walters
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Elliott has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program...
  • Uranius "U.J." Johnson
    Uranius Johnson
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Uranius "UJ" Johnson joined the Athletic and Personal Development staff in January...
  • Kyle Morris
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Kyle Morris joined IMG Academy’s physical conditioning staff in September of 2015...
  • Will Townsley IV
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    In addition to leading the strength and conditioning programs for the baseball...
  • Clayton Oyster
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    After graduating from Otterbein College in 2002, Clayton began his coaching career...

Athletic Trainers

  • Jared White
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Jared White joined the IMG Academy team in the Summer of 2016. He received his B.S....
  • Kaitlyn Deshaies
    Assistant Head of Athletic Training
    Kaitlyn joined IMG Academy five years ago as the Athletic Trainer for the basketball...
  • Ben Wood
    Athletic Trainer
    Ben graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports...
  • Lauren Askevold
    Athletic Trainer
    Lauren was the first female Athletic Training intern with the Milwaukee Bucks during...
  • Anna Malone
    Athletic Trainer
    Anna comes to IMG Academy from Jensen Beach High School, in Jensen Beach, FL where...
  • Kimberly Baughman
    Athletic Trainer
    Kim joined the Athletic and Personal Development Department in the beginning of 2014...
  • Kelly Quakenbush
    Athletic Trainer
    After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Athletic Training,...
  • Rubie Gaudette
    Athletic Trainer
    Rubie graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s of Science...
  • Meredith Buskard
    Athletic Trainer
    Meredith graduated from Lynchburg College with a bachelor’s degree in Athletic...

Mental Conditioning Coaches

  • Andrea Wieland
    Head of Mental Conditioning
    Andrea  joined the IMG Academy as Head of Mental Conditioning  in 2015. In this...
  • DJ Andreoli
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    DJ Andreoli has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program...
  • David DaSilva
    Mental/Vision Coach
    David coordinated Sport Psychology services at Barry University, which included...
  • Lindsey Hamilton
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    Lindsey joined IMG Academy as a mental conditioning coach in 2015. Her primary...
  • Christian Smith
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    Christian serves as the lead mental conditioning coach for the IMG Academy golf...
  • Ryan Ingalls
    Assistant Mental Conditioning Coach
    Ryan joined the IMG Academy as a Summer Mental Conditioning Coach in June 2015. In...
  • Taylor Stutzman
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    Prior to joining IMG Academy, Taylor served as Vice President of the Center for...


  • Jackie Barcal
    Head of Nutrition
    Jackie Barcal joined IMG Academy’s Athletic and Personal Development team as the...
  • Jamey Rice, RD, LD
    Nutrition Coach
    Jamey is a Registered Dietitian and joined IMG Academy’s Athletic and Personal...
  • Jessica Keller
    Nutrition Coach
    Jessica is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and a Registered Dietitian. She joined...

Leadership Coaches

  • James Leath
    Head of Leadership Development
    James joined IMG Academy in 2015. As Head of Leadership Development, James develops...
  • Charles Gooch
    Improv Coach
    Charles Gooch joined the IMG family in 2016. Charles is a native of Fresno,...

Hospital for Special Surgery

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan, PT, ATC, SCS
    Advanced Clinician
    Matthew is a physical therapist and athletic trainer who has recently joined the...
  • Jorge Giral
    Jorge Giral, PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS
    Clinical Supervisor
    Jorge is a member of the Hospital for Special Surgery team in Bradenton, FL and...

Athletic & Personal Development Administration

  • David Hesse
    David Hesse
    Hesse trained as an Organizational Psychologist where he specialized in business...
  • Dr. Taryn Morgan
    Assistant Director
    Taryn has consulted with numerous junior, collegiate, and professional/Olympic...
  • Logan Dan
    Program Manager
    Born and raised in Bradenton, FL, Logan's IMG Academy journey began back when he was...
  • Marlboro Ma
    Head of China Recruitment
    With a home base in Beijing, Marlboro oversees all IMG Academy Outreach throughout...
  • Jason Puckett
    Team and Group Sales Manager
    Jason has worked with the University of Florida Athletic Department, the Cincinnati...
  • Naotoshi Tamaru
    Outreach Coordinator - Japan
    Naotoshi Tamaru started as the Japanese Outreach Coordinator at IMG Academy in the...
  • Sofia Domenech
    Office Manager
    Sofia Laura Domenech joined the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) NY, New York Main...
  • Martina Knezevic
    Head of Europe Recruitment
    Martina was born and raised in Germany. After completing formal education in Munich...

College Planning and Placement Staff

  • Mark Blaweiss
    Mark Blaweiss
    Director of College Planning and Placement
    Mark Blaweiss has worked and held leadership roles in the fields of higher education...
  • Wayne Walton
    College Counselor
    Wayne works primarily with basketball, golf and baseball student-athletes. Prior to...
  • Heather Von Seggern
    Heather Von Seggern
    College Advisor
    Heather Von Seggern has been with IMG Academy since 2010 and works with soccer,...
  • Mark Riddell
    Mark Riddell
    Director of College Entrance Exam Preparation
    Mark Riddell is the Director of College Entrance Exam Preparation (SAT & ACT) at...