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Coach Development

Coaching development at IMG Academy is designed to provide a ‘hands-on’ continuing education experience for applied sport psychology professionals and students through the the Athletic & Personal Development program’s Mental Conditioning Team.


  • Graduate students & beginning practitioners – insight and supervised experience of fundamental applied consulting skills.

Key Themes:

  • Insights into translating theory into practice
  • Profiling the ‘Total Consultant’ with particular attention to building relationships
  • Understanding and explore the ‘Art’ of presenting
  • Present and provide supervised experience of multiple sport environments that are highly accessible to sport psychology professionals:
    • Individual sports: Tennis and golf
    • Team sport: Basketball
  • Nine Continuing Education credits available for AASP-Certified Consultants 

Dates: December 14-16 and May 31-June 2

Location: IMG Academy, Bradenton FL



Student Price 

Boarding: $475

Non-Boarding: $325

Professional Price 

Boarding: $555

Non-Boarding: $395

Sample Scheudle

2:00-4:00pmCheck-InIMG Adult Clubhouse
4:00-5:00pmIMG Academy TourIMG Campus
5:00-6:30pmIntroductionSports Performance Center
Introduce key concepts for weekend and IMG mental conditioning approach.
  1. Introduction to IMG Complete Athlete Concept
  2. Presentation on Mental Conditioning philosophy – our mission, mental conditioning vs sport psychology, 3 levels of delivery and discussion, curriculum development.
7:00pmDinner & MixerIMG Academy Golf Club
7:00-8:00amOptional WorkoutIMG Weight Room
8:00-9:00amBreakfastIMG Campus
9:00-10:00amEducation - Tennis MCSports Performance Center
  1. Outline curriculum building – process of education, application and support (EAS).
  2. Discussion on mental skills periodization and integration with sport and strength and conditioning periodization.
  3. Essential ingredients of effective mental conditioning sessions   
11:00am-12:00pmSupport - Tennis MCIMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program Tennis Courts
  1. Attitude – Concentration – Effort (ACE) activity – Experience, debrief and coach athletes through activity.
12:00-1:00pm12:00-1:00pmAdult Clubhouse
1:00-2:00pmLeadership TrainingSports Performance Center
Interactive Workshop
2:00-3:00pmPresenting 101: Making it StickSports Performance Center
  1. Debrief experiences so far – well, learned, better?
  2. Performance profile of the ‘Total Consultant’
  3. 6 C’s – essential qualities of consulting
3:00-3:30pmEducation - Basketball MCIMG Academy basketball program Courts
  1. Review of differences between EAS model with individual sport (tennis in morning) vs team sport.
  2. Purpose – knowing what you’re doing and why. 
3:30-5:00pmApplication - Basketball MCIMG Academy basketball program Courts
  1. Team Building on court 
  2. Composure on court   
5:00-6:00pmSupport - Basketball MCIMG Academy basketball program Courts/Conference Room
  1. Using video – different ways to utilize film, e.g. iPad, Dartfish on court, or video room. Also different purposes and uses of specific video analysis – e.g. ‘player cam’ self awareness, team interaction, educational clips, and motivational video.   
6:00-6:30pmOptional Vision TrainingIMG Vision Room
Exposure to the vision training program used at IMG.
7:00pmDinner & Social 
7:00-8:00amOptional WorkoutIMG Weight Room
8:00-9:00amBreakfastIMG Campus
9:00-10:00amEducation - Golf MCIMG Academy Leadbetter golf program Golf Clubhouse
  1. Review of differences between yesterdays applied sessions and golf environment – EAS model with individual sport vs team sport.
  2. Purpose – knowing what you’re doing and why.
  3. Integrating preparation, confidence, self-talk, concentration, composure and routines into golf mental conditioning as well as the translation to other sports.  
10:00-11:00amApplication - Golf MCIMG Academy golf program Golf Range
  1. Preparation on the course
  2. Composure on the green   
11:00am-12:00pmDebriefIMG Academy golf program Golf Clubhouse
  1. Personal reflection 
For more information please contact:
Taryn Morgan 941.752.2438