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Leadership Programs

leadership training programsPhoto Credit: UCLA

Leadership training programs at IMG Academy rely on a proven philosophy for inspiring great performance, while adapting its program delivery to best connect with the generation at hand. Numbering over 70 million, today's youth is a force to be reckoned with. While often rashly labeled as being lazy, distracted, coddled and entitled, data reveals them to be some of the most self-directed, results-oriented and cooperative individuals in today’s workforce. In fact, their claim to being more productive when working in a team is said to have been derived from a childhood centered on social networking, digital sharing platforms and cooperative video games. Thousands of members of this generation from around the world converge on the campus of IMG Academy annually, actively seeking results and opportunities for advancement in school and sport.

To leverage its decades of experience coaching young athletes with the experience of some of sports’ most esteemed coaches, IMG Academy has created a unique leadership program aimed at syncing coaches with the next generation of athletes. Using the widely-practiced "Pyramid of Success created by Coach John Wooden as its foundation, this exclusive leadership program will interactively tie Wooden’s building blocks to the issues facing today’s coach. Participants will leave the program armed with the tools needed to bridge the communication gap, effectively motivate, and extract maximum results from their teams and athletes.

Leadership Program:

The 2.5-day Leadership Program will look at three phases of coaching, linking these phases to the needs and demands of today’s young athlete, all while drawing upon more than 70 combined years of coaching observations from the legendary Coach John Wooden and IMG Academy coaches. Click to see a sample schedule.

Phase One: The Art of Coaching today’s generation

“Make leadership about the followers, not about the leader.”
John Wooden

Phase One focuses on readying a coach for success. Establishing the right attitude, discipline, and routine is critical. In order to do this effectively, one must know one’s audience. Phase One will provide a look into who today's youth is. Topics to include:

  • Observations in managing today's youth
  • Building a compass for core values
  • Setting and living the standards – leaders are heat-seekers not heat-deflectors

Phase Two: The Science of Coaching today’s generation

“Focus on running the race, not winning it.”
John Wooden

Today’s generation is increasingly more critical and analytical, living in a 24/7 news cycle where everyone has an opinion, and that opinion is considered ‘news.’ Phase Two, therefore, provides a detailed analysis into what motivates the youth so a coach can get the most out of his athletes. Coaches are brought through a series of exercises that test the effect their own level of concentration, composure and confidence can have on their athletes. Coaches must understand the difference between being the ‘thermostat’ or the ‘thermometer’ in the team setting. Topics to include:

  • Effectively mentoring today's generation
  • Building a winning infrastructure
  • ‘Avoiding the headlines’ – minimizing risk through systematic processes

Phase Three: The Act of Coaching today’s generation

“A leader’s greatness is found in bringing out greatness in others.”
John Wooden

Phase Three guides coaches on how to put the tools and techniques acquired in the first two phases into action. Coaches work through potential in-competition challenges, including accountability issues, time-management, responding to adversity, managing troubled athletes, and recovering from perceived defeat. Coaches are armed with review and assessment tools for improved performance – there is no failure, only feedback. Topics to include:

  • Defining expectations for players and staff
  • Leading from the front – understanding ethics and integrity with youth and young adult athletes
  • Building a leadership council
  • Measuring success – integrating systematic tools to monitor the success of coaches, athletes, recruiting, and administrative effectiveness

Program to include:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Workbook
  • IMG Academy training package
  • On-line follow-up tools and continuing education

When is the program offered?

The new program will be offered in November 9-11th and mid-December, with dates TBA. A special ‘Captains Course’ aimed at team athletes who are an ‘extension’ of their coach on the field will also be offered in the fall.


Loren Seagrave, BS 
Taryn Morgan, PhD 
David Hesse, MA 

Guest Instructors:

  • Greg Wooden, grandson of Coach Wooden
  • Craig Impelman, former UCLA basketball coach and Coach Wooden’s grandson-in-law
  • Tom Coughlin, New York Giants head coach
  • Mike Montgomery, University of California head men’s basketball coach
  • Dennis Green, current UFL and former NFL head coach
  • Cam Cameron, Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator   

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