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Military Consulting

military consulting

IMG Performance Consulting with the Military 

The military consulting specialists at IMG Academy have been leveraging experience with IMG Coach Education inspired by Wooden, and our professional athletes and clients. The Athletic & Personal Development program has built out a comprehensive consulting model to help elite organizations prepare their forces for ever changing environments.

The emphasis is on taking lessons we’ve learned with our experience in the sports world, and demonstrating both the ART and SCIENCE of applying these lessons with various stories, activities, and applications with athletes and coaches. These are then tailored to the groups insights and experienced for them to draw meaningful take-away’s and understanding of their own demands and needs. We break our model into Areas, Themes and Governing Principles and have included a sample of our mental training platform below:

Developing a High Performance Culture:

ThemeGoverning Principle
Growth MindsetYou don't have to be sick to get better
DisciplineSuccessful people do what unsuccessful people aren't prepared to do
RoutinesFirst you form habits, then they form you
AttitudeChange is inevitable, growth is optional
StandardsGood is the enemy of great
MentoringConnecting with Generation Y

Building Mental Skills:

ThemeGoverning Principle
ConcentrationThe mind can only focus on one thing at a time
ConfidenceWhere your mind leads, your body follows
ComposureThermometer vs Thermostat: The case of the enviromental athlete
WinningFocusing on the process and the result will take care of itself
Bouncing BackThere is no failure, only feedback
Rest & RecoveryMore isn't always better: Recover well, perform well



  1. Training the Trainer & Instructor Development
  2. Developing Cognition and Decision Making Abilities
  3. Strength and Conditioning
  4. Speed and Movement
  5. Integrating support resources effectively and efficiently

(programs occur both at IMG Academy and at specified facilities)


  • Individualized training of soldiers and instructors
  • Codifying curriculum for soldiers
  • Instructor mentoring and supervision processes
  • Providing continuing education to instructors
  • Integration of multidisciplinary services

For more information please contact Dr. Taryn Morgan at or call 941.752.2438