115 D-I Commitments Since 2012

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About Our Program

The IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program pioneered the concept of a residency program nearly 40 years ago and still sets the standard by which all tennis academies around the world are measured. Through the program’s focus on technical, tactical, physical, and mental instruction, we’ve developed champions at every level. With a program infrastructure that allows for student-athletes to grow and compete with others with similar skill sets, IMG Academy tennis represents the ultimate program for everyone from nationally ranked elite players with aspirations of being a professional to those who want to compete at all levels of collegiate tennis. To facilitate total athletic development, we offer performance training developed over the course of nearly 40 years that can integrate with sport training. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in sport and life.

Program Structure

The surest pathway to maximizing tennis potential is through skill development and challenging competition. With a fluid, skill-based group system led by the industry’s best coaches, the IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program methodology produces tennis players who are talented and strategic on the court. Each student-athlete receives a customized developmental plan that is executed through a ladder system in which the top players in each group advance to the next competitive group (utilizing the UTR level-based tournament system) for continual challenges. 

By pairing on-court technical, tactical and competitive instruction with off-court Performance training, IMG Academy Bollettieri players develop into dominant forces at the collegiate and professional level.

Program Accomplishments

Program Accomplishments

  • 10 worldwide #1 tennis players developed
  • 51 combined Eddie Herr and Easter Bowl titles
  • 4 NCAA singles titles won in the past seven years
  • 115 D-I commitments since 2012
  • Notable 2016 ITF rankings of IMG student-athletes:
    • Girls:
      • Katie Swan: #2, Sofya Zhuk: #4, Fanny Stollar: #7
    • Boys:
      • Miomir Kecmanovic: #1, Michael Mmoh: #2, Duarte Vale: #24

Tennis Coaches & Staff

Tennis Facilities

Tennis athletes have access to more than 50 tennis courts (hard, clay, and indoor), a 10,000 square-foot weight room, a covered turf facility, and meeting rooms for match strategy and video review. All of our facilities are maintained at a professional standard to ensure the perfect training environment for every athlete.

College Matriculation

College Matriculation

Athletic & Personal Development

  • Pregeneration
  • Speed & Movement
  • Strength & Power
  • Flexibility, balance & core
  • Conditioning
  • Regeneration
  • Sports therapy evaluation
  • Injury prevention
  • Proactive rehabilitation
  • Injury management / education
  • Personal profile
  • Nutritional goals & strategies
  • Body framework
  • Nutrient intake & timing
  • Supplements
  • Visual activity
  • Vision strengthening
  • Visual application
  • Visual enhancement
  • Awareness
  • Energy management
  • Thought management
  • Teamwork
  • Application
  • Communication
  • Personal presence
  • Character building
  • Accountability
  • Conversation / Interview skills
  • Placement
  • SAT/ACT Test
  • Recruiting
  • Applications
  • Personal responsibility
  • Career planning
  • Organization / Time Management
  • Adaptability


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“I owe a huge part of my success in college to IMG Academy. The lessons and skills I acquired at IMG allowed me to be successful not only on the court, but off as well. Going straight to college from IMG, I knew how to be part of a team, get my studies done, work hard on the court and still have a social life. I was disciplines, but had fun.” 

- Mallory Cecil Duke University graduate and 2009 NCAA Individual Women’s Tennis National Champion

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