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Boarding School Program

Boys Basketball Boarding School Program

basketball academy for boys

The IMG Academy boys basketball program is based on a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the game. Focusing on the individual player, Students-athletes will receive a mixture of personalized, position-specific instruction that focuses on technical skill development and guided game-situational play against other IMG players. Our innovative program promotes athletic progression and taps into the expertise of our world-class coaching staff to give our players the chance to train, compete, and play at their best. 


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Basketball Facilities

basketball academy for boys

Train where INNOVATION calls HOME.

Student-athletes will have full access to our 4 pro-style basketball courts, 10,000 square-foot weight room and covered turf facility, multiple strategy rooms for video analysis.

All of our facilities are maintained at a professional standard to ensure the perfect training environment for every athlete.

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basketball academy for boys

By The Numbers

basketball academy for boys

Program Features

  • Ages 13 – 19. Post-Graduate programs available
  • Physical and Mental Conditioning with Performance classes in other disciplines to facilitate total development
  • Four regulation hardwood courts, professional-quality locker rooms and strategy rooms to break down film
  • An elite coaching staff of former collegiate and professional players and coaches
  • College-style A/B schedule that involves school in the first half of the day and sport training in the latter, or vice versa depending on sport and individual schedule. This allows for an ideal environment that enhances improvement in all aspects of academics and athletics.
  • In the past three years, basketball student-athletes have committed to universities like Ohio State University, Arizona, Florida State, Hofstra, Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma State, St. John’s, Stanford, UConn, Western Kentucky and more
“IMG Academy forced me to grow up and mature, which is a good thing. Between the great coaches and performance programs, I really gained confidence and my game skyrocketed. There’s no better place to improve than IMG Academy.”
Dwight Powell, IMG Academy alumnus, Stanford graduate and NBA professional

Athletic and Personal Development

Athletic and Personal Development is the operating system for all sports. Utilizing a revolutionary training curriculum that addresses all key areas, it promotes athletic progression, character development, leadership and overall personal evolution.

Three Pillars of Training

1 – Core Training
Core Training consists of Physical Conditioning and Movement Training (delivered multiple times per week), Mental Conditioning (once per week), Nutrition (1-2 classes per semester) and Leadership Training (1-2 per semester). It also includes access to certified Athletic Trainers who cover practices and competitions as well as an athletic training room available for students for injury prevention and recovery. All IMG Academy student-athletes receive Core Training as part of their sport programming.

2 – Performance Classes
As part of the sport curriculum, all student-athletes receive four Athletic & Personal Development classes each school year. Each class lasts for 7 weeks. The classes are selected by the sport director and coaches based on what they feel will benefit the student-athlete the most, with students then rotating to a different class for each 7-week period. Each class has a tailored sport-specific curriculum. Classes include:

Leadership 1Leadership 2
Nutrition 1Nutrition 2
Science of Speed 1Science of Speed 2
Vision Training 1Vision Training 2
Mental ToughnessStress Management
Empowered Female AthletesYoga

3 – Additional Services
Need some extra work in a specific discipline like mental conditioning or nutrition? Delivered in a one-on-one setting, a la carte additional services can sharpen your skill and create a customized plan to help you reach your goals.

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basketball academy for boys

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