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2-Week Camps

2-Week summer camps at the IMG Academy offer young players the same elite on-court training experience that all of our prep school and collegiate/NBA players receive, including off-court training from our Athletic & Personal Development specialists. The emphasis, though, is focused mainly on establishing proper fundamentals for future success.

The 2-Week Camp uses proven techniques to help the younger players develop position-specific movement patterns and skills. This could include using an age-appropriate basketball and lowering the height of the basket, which allows players to develop movement patterns quickly and more efficiently, allowing for constant positive growth and eliminating bad habits.   The curriculum of the youth camp focuses on the fundamentals of the game with the purpose of giving young players the foundation of skills and techniques necessary to help them excel as they expand their development as an athlete and as a player. 

  • Week 1 (“Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm”): We focus on the fundamentals, techniques and movement patterns of many different skills, all while asking players to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Skill development includes, but is not limited to: ball handling, proper use of the pivot, passing and receiving, finishing around the basket, running the floor and shooting the ball both off the catch and the dribble. 
  • Week 2 (“Next Level Thoughts and Actions”): While expanding on our focus on fundamentals, techniques and movement patterns, we introduce some concepts that will help players be more effective in games, including: coming off the ball screen, reading and setting an off-the-ball screen and understanding appropriate floor spacing.   

Each camper will experience three weeks of the core training camp consisting of position-specific drills and instruction by the program staff, classroom video sessions, scrimmages and off-court Physical and Mental Conditioning with Athletic & Personal Development program specialists, as well as the option to upgrade to THE TOTAL ATHLETE training camp.

Camp Details: 

  • Ages:  5th and 6th Grade  
  • Dates: 
    • Sunday, June 14 - Saturday, June 27
    • Sunday, June 28 - Saturday, July 11
    • Sunday, July 12 - Saturday, July 25
  • Daily Schedule: Two on-court workouts and one age-appropriate Athletic & Personal Development program training session per day

Sample Daily Schedule

8:00-9:45amOn-Court Training
10:00-10:45amAthletic & Personal Development Programs
1:00-1:45pmIndividual work/Shooting practice
2:00-3:00pm*Total Athlete Training
2:00-3:45pm*On-Court Training
4:00-5:15pmOptional Individual work/Shooting practice

*SAT, ESL, High School will take place Monday-Friday 1:00-5:00PM 

Camp Benefits:

  • Progression-based training helps you reach your true potential as a player
  • Nightly social activities on campus and weekly chaperoned trips to places like local beaches and amusement parks
  • Athletes from around the world in multiple sports


youth summer camps
youth summer camps