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IMG Academy Notable Track And Field And Cross Country Alumni/Trainees

  • LaShawn Merritt
    LaShawn Merritt
  • Darya Klishina
    Darya Klishina
  • David Prince
    David Prince
  • Tianna Bartoletta
    Tianna Bartoletta
  • Angelo Taylor
    Angelo Taylor
  • Reto Amaru Schenkel
    Amaru Schenkel
  • Zhang Peimeng
    Zhang Peimeng
  • Li Jinzhe
    Li Jinzhe
  • Demetrius Pinder
    Demetrius Pinder
  • Candyce McGrone
    Candyce McGrone
  • Libania Grenot
    Libania Grenot
  • Joice Maduaka
    Joice Maduaka
  • Matteo Galvan
    Matteo Galvan