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IMG Academy serves a daily buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner complete with healthy selections for the training athlete.

Junior Dining Hall

The fuel that an individual takes into their body determines what they get out of their body.

The junior dining hall offers three nutritionally planned meals per day, and individual meal plans can be arranged for students with specific dietary needs.

Also, near the buffet-style cafeteria there is a full-service deli on campus. The deli is open daily, offering the students a healthy choice of sandwiches, wraps, salads and pastas. (Take-out ordering is also available at select times.) Students can also upgrade their meal plan to add meals from the Adult Clubhouse dining room.


Clubhouse Dining Room

Adult Dining

The demands of work, life and play can create a lifestyle that needs just as much nutritional support as that of a pro athlete! Optimizing personal nutrition improves short term health, lifetime wellness, enhances the immune system, allows the body to maintain better weight and composition, and maximizes your performance in any arena, whether in the boardroom, on the road, in the home, or as a “weekend warrior.”

The menus in the Clubhouse Dining Room offer you the chance to eat like an athlete and maximize the benefits of all your IMG Academy programs during your stay. The IMG Academy nutrition division can help you develop nutritional strategies to give you the foundation for optimal nutrition to fuel your chosen lifestyle. Learn how to use the power and pleasure of food to your benefit.

All full day tennis and golf programs include lunch and participants are invited to join in a cocktail party held on Monday and Thursday.

Pro Dining

Athletes are constantly trying to improve athletic performance by spending countless hours in the weight room, on the fields and on the courts.  Yet, what most athletes don’t realize is that nutrition is probably the most important component in achieving optimal athletic performance. Nutrition will fuel the body with the energy needed to perform, will optimize recovery following workouts, and will allow the body to reach any weight / body composition goals a particular athlete may have. 
The Athletic & Personal Development specialists have developed nutritional strategies to help athletes reach their athletic goals. Upon arrival, the athletes will undergo a body composition analysis.  At present, the Athletic & Personal Development program uses a seven-site body composition analysis (plus an additional 6 skin-folds and 4 girth measurements).  We have designed a template that will allow us to see the athlete’s current body composition, as well as devise a goal body composition analysis. The information is then utilized in conjunction with several other factors that affect total energy expenditure for that particular athlete.  We can then devise a nutritional plan for that athlete. They will know exactly how many calories they need to consume on a training day or non-training day in order to reach their body composition goals.  The athletes are then educated on all aspects of nutrition and how each nutrient plays a critical role in athletic success.
We also have the luxury of having every athlete eat here on campus. The Athletic & Personal Development program has worked with the head chef and food and beverage department to build a performance-based cafeteria. All nutritional components are considered when devising meals, including the glycemic index and fat and protein utilization. There is no substitute for quality nutritional habits.  

Available Packages:

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Packages - $50.00 | Breakfast & Dinner packages - $35.00
A La Carte Prices: Breakfast - $15.00 | Lunch - $20.00 | Dinner - $25.00

Group Functions

The IMG Academy Golf Club has developed a reputation of excellence in the catering industry.  Our spectacular clubhouse with picturesque views of the Sarasota Bay is a spectacular setting for an elaborate dinner, business lunch, anniversaries, simple brunch, or reception. The special events and catering of IMG Academy Golf  Club is committed to professionalism, elegance, quality, and personalized service to best suit your needs. The talented staff can help with organizing, planning, and most importantly, making your event go smoothly!

Discover a premier waterfront location today by calling to schedule a tour and see what IMG Academy Golf Club has to offer you! For more information or call the Wedding/Event Hotline at 941.739.7414