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About IMG Academy

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

IMG Academy is one of the best athletic training environments in the world. Professional-quality facilities and immaculately maintained fields/surfaces are the standard on our nearly 500-acre campus, to ensure that there is no letdown in training. It is the type of environment previously only utilized by pro athletes, but is now accessible to IMG Academy students, campers, and trainees.

Athletic Facilities

Multi-Sport Complex
The new multi-sport complex at IMG Academy provides athletes a state-of-the-art environment to train and perform at their highest level. The complex opened in August 2013.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute
IMG Academy and Gatorade – both pioneers in their respective fields – have partnered in helping athletes along their journey to become the Total Athlete.

Student Residence Hall
Everything a student-athlete needs to perform at their best, both in their sport and in the classroom, can be found on the nearly 500-acre campus at IMG Academy. This includes a variety of living options, from college-style to apartment-style. Our campus serves as a one-stop-shop for student athletes to reach their athletic, academic, and personal goals.

Other Campus Life Facilities

Campus Life Facilities

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