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Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

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Train like a Pro Basketball Training for Members of the Media

Our Basketball Media Training Camp will kick off on Monday, September 29th and conclude on Thursday, October 2nd.  All meals are included as part of the standard package, and athletes can add luxurious on-campus accommodations should they so choose.

This comprehensive program will allow you to experience everything an athlete training with us would experience here at The Basketball Academy at IMG Academy.

Our staff of experts will provide you with cutting edge basketball training in IMGA’s state-of-the-art facility to help you improve your game for whatever level you compete at back at home, from weekend warrior to driveway shooter.  Competitive days behind you?  The program also serves as a clinic on the game of basketball, with film study, strategy sessions, and roundtables, in addition to our work on-the-court.  We will also have our world-renowned International Performance Institute (IPI) staff develop your basketball strength and conditioning, along with the mental side of the game.  A session with Game On communication training will help you to develop, refine, and perfect the skills needed for effective communication in any setting.

This type of program could be priced at over $1,000.  However, it is only available to members of the media and at only $200 for the entire program, accommodations not included.  On-campus lodging is available, with prices starting at $155 (single occupancy) to $625 per night, and there are selected area hotels available as well.  However, we do recommend on-campus housing for all our athletes to experience everything IMGA has to offer.  We also can offer ground transportation to and from the airport (Sarasota-Bradenton Airport is within a few miles of campus while Tampa International Airport is approximately one hour away).

To register or if you have questions about the program, simply call The Basketball Academy and Pro Training Center Recruiting Coordinator, Coach Anthony Macri, at 941-752-2621 or email him at  Space is limited, and we recommend contacting us early to reserve your place.  We welcome print, live, and internet media members, including but not limited to TV/radio/newspaper journalists and analysts, bloggers, and more.  Please note that IMG Academy must be able to confirm your association with a verifiable media outlet in order to register.  Reserve your spot today!

CHECK-IN: Between 1:00 and 4:00p on Monday, September 29th
CHECK-OUT: Between 1:30 and 3:30p on Thursday, October 2nd

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