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IMG Academy basketball program experts offer NBA Playoff analysis

Reprising their roles from just a year ago, coaches Mike Moreau and David Thorpe of the IMG Academy basketball program and Pro Training Center are doing NBA Playoff analysis for Scouts, Inc. as part of the network. Moreau, who directs all basketball programs at IMGA, and Thorpe, who directs pro, college and adult basketball at IMGA, offered their insights for series-by-series previews for this year's NBA postseason. Their analysis will be available in each series prior to just about every game as they point out things to look for from a scouting perspective.

Check out their series previews by clicking on the specific matchup below:

East scouting reports: Pistons-Cavaliers | Bulls-Celtics | Sixers-Magic | Heat-Hawks

West scouting reports: Jazz-Lakers | Hornets-Nuggets | Mavericks-Spurs | Rockets-Blazers

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