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IMG Academy soccer program - meet Danny Clark

Meet Danny Clark.

Danny Clark
Danny Clark

A second year soccer student for IMG Academy soccer program. Danny has been injured this year, but continues to attend everyday and keep with his team and keep mentally strong. Danny is a great soccer player and proved it last year. We hope he continues his progression and works to get on the field stronger than ever.

This blog from Danny will follow his progress through the year, allowing us to get to know him more and understand how he feels each month in balancing school, soccer and injury. The pro's find it hard and so do our boys!Well done Danny from all the soccer staff and let's get you back ready to roll on the soccer field.

October, 2010

The last week of October was the week I was given an opportunity to make a blog. My blog will give you an insight from the injured players perspective.

Due to my injury and length of recovery, I was sitting on the sidelines getting more frustrated every day as I was limited to what I could do, even shagging balls was a hardship.

To help boost my confidence, I went in and spoke with Adam and Deon (previously Deon had asked me to take pictures for the IMG website), so no harm in trying for another appointed duty to keep my mind focused. Consequently they were happy to give me the option of making my own blog, which will be illustrated with photos which I shall also be taking.

The First week of October was when Deon assigned me the job of photographer, he asked me to take pictures of my team what was fun most of the time. I ended up only coming in twice to take pictures because it wasn't something I really new how to do, I don't mind it though.

My weeks are also very tiring normally. Every Monday and Wednesday right after school I go to Physical Therapy, It may be boring most of the time, but I know if I want to get better I need to work hard, and I appreciate Graham, my Therapist, for helping me get stronger and making sure my recovery goes by with out any problems.

Right after Physical Therapy I catch a tram to the soccer fields.

The last week of October I took pictures of the U19's, that helped my day go faster and I got to have a look at a new team, with a higher competitive level, which were highly disciplined and motivated. The rest of my week went by fast, weights on Tuesday, Therapy on Wednesday, weights on Thursday, then watching practice on Friday.

I am also hoping to shadow some Coaches to give me an insight into the coaching field and to aid when needed. Also I am very interested in shadowing our Athletic Trainer again to learn a couple of thing's and to assist when allowed. Both avenues I would like to follow in my not so distant future so any help and knowledge is a benefit to my future.

Thanks for reading and check back soon to follow my progress!

Danny Clarke

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