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IMG Academy baseball program Wood Bat League Player and Pitcher of the Week: Gabe Von Rosenburg

For the past week at IMG Academy baseball program, the IMG Wood Bat League teams have been competing against each other to find out who will come out on top. Amongst the competition, each week a player and pitcher are recognized for demonstrating outstanding talent and effort while practicing and in games.

Gabe Von Rosenberg

This week's selected player and pitcher are one in the same person. Gabe Von Rosenburg, of the Marauders, was chosen as Pitcher of the Week and Player of the Week. Von Rosenburg has a Wood Bat League batting average of .615 and has 4 runs. He has also pitched for 11 innings and has 12 strikeouts.

Von Rosenberg pitched for the Marauders today in a 7-5 win over the Sea Dogs.

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