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Meet the other Harrison tennis superstar

It is as if you are looking at a mini version of Ryan Harrison, but don't be fooled. That replica of Ryan is IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program student, Christian Harrison. He may not be as tall as his older brother, but he still has a big game.

Christian became interested in tennis at thevery young age of three. Each day, Christian and Ryan would beg their dad, Pat Harrison,to take them to the tennis country club where he worked. Finally one day, after lots of begging, their dad caved in. At first, they juststarted messing around and playing on the backboard. They began to fall in love with sport and their dad graduallystarted coaching and feeding to them. Fourteen years later, Christian has signed with IMG and plans on playing professional tennis.

As a junior, Christian had some impressive winningresults. Whenhe was only 11, he won the Junior Orange Bowl and later when he was 12, he was a finalist at Le Petits Asin France. Le Petits As is considered as one of the most prestigious 14 and under tournaments in the world.Christian also hadthe amazing experience of winningthe Junior Davis Cup for America when he was 14.

Christian Harrison training at IMG Academy

Tennis has become a family affair for the Harrisons. Christian's older brother, younger sister, and dad are all involved in the game. With such a hectic tournament schedule, Christian doesn't get to see his brother as often as he would like. When they are both home, they do train together with their dad as their coach at IMG. The relationship between the two is not as competitive as most would think. Christianjokinglymentioned the one time he beatRyan in a practice set when he was nine, yet it hasn't happened since then. Christian looks up to Ryan for a lot of advice and support. He even sometimes gets the opportunity to travel with Ryan to hisprofessional tournaments, which is agreat experience and practice for Christian and his future hopes of playing on the tour.

Some may not like havingtheir dad as their coach, but Christian does, "It's really great to have someone in the family like that and whocares about your tennis so much. He is really putting in the effort to help me out in theheat every day and making sure I do what I need to do," he stated. Christiandoes admit that arguments come up time to time, but that is normal in any family.

Currently, Christian is recovering from some injuries. It has taken a difficult toll on his game, " It's tough mentally, but you just gotta stay mentally strong because it's easy to get down on yourself." Right now, Christian is doing a lot of physcial thereapy with IMG trainers to help get him backin shape and tournament ready. He plans on playing his next tournament in August at the National Championships inKalamazoo.

As you can clearly see, tennis runs in the Harrison family. We have the William sisters now, but the next sibling duo may be the Harrison brothers.

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