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IMG Academy soccer program trains at FC Barcelona!

IMG Academy soccer program

This week, the IMG Academy soccer program boys' program traveled to Spain to train with the world's top club -- FC Barcelona. IMG Academy soccer program senior captain Gabriel Nunez has dispatched these reports. Check out a video of training below:

Saturday Feb. 4

At exactly 11:05 we landed in the country were the best soccer is played. We were extremely excited for the arrival. We got off the airport very quickly and the two big buses were waiting outside. We drove over to the hotel in 10 minutes or so, and immediately we have lunch. We got back to the room and slept until our dinner which was at 7 15. We got ready to go to Camp Nou to see Barcelona play Real Sociedad. Seeing the stadium from afar and the lights gave all of us a chill. We got inside the stadium and waited until the players got to warm up. The game started at 10, and it was a great expierence for all of us. The only bad part of it was the freezing weather, but we all enjoyed the game.

Sunday, Feb. 5

Day 2 was a success. After eating a hardy breakfast, we departed our hotel on the buses to experience the Barcelona stadium. Upon entering, the shear scale of the arena did not fail to impress. Coupled with the immense trophy collection, the full effect of the Barcelona mission for excellence became quite clear to all of us. Then we were allowed to step into the stadium and view the magnificent field. Despite fighting the relentless cold weather, cheery spirits and humor were abundant. After all this action and a good lunch, our team rallied and was ready for the 2nd half of our day.

After being cooped up at the hotel for the first leg of our journey, we were eager to get out and see the city that is Barcelona. In the city of Barcelona, our tour guide showed us all of the sites and attributes to the unique Catalonian city. One point of interest was the Olympic village and stadium erected in 1932. After finishing up the tour around the beautiful city, we returned to the hotel, where a nice warm dinner was waiting for us.

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