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Prince Brand Warrior Visits IMG Academy

IMG Academy tennis students and campers had a unique opportunity this week when Prince “Brand Warrior,” Nathan Rosenfeld, visited campus June 19 - 21.

The Prince representative held four demonstrations daily where he educated the athletes about the brand, while also giving them the opportunity to try the latest racquets.

“I enjoy educating the children about the racquets,” Rosenfeld said. “It is necessary to understand what racquet you should be playing with and why. Knowing the difference between the right weight and balance of your racquet is very important.”

Prince is the Official Racquet and Tennis Equipment Sponsor of IMG Academy

Since 1970, Prince Sports, Inc., based in Bordentown, N.J., has been more than a racquet company, it has been an ally - equipping past, present and future champions with unique, performance enhancing products and support programs to help take their game to the next level. Prince is the only tennis brand solely committed to turning the next generation of committed, passionate tennis players into the next generation of champions.

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