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Adult Golf School

The adult golf school at IMG Academy provides a comprehensive program that focuses on everything from the short game to irons to the tee. Utilizing the IMG Academy golf training system, used by some of the top professionals in the game today, it will teach the fundamentals from the range to the course, including the mechanics of the full swing, short game and course management. Everyone from beginners to scratch golfers can find ways to improve in this program. Our low student-to-coach ratio (4:1) provides an intimate learning experience for players of all ability levels to enhance their play and begin posting lower scores.  Come solo, come with friends or come train while your kids are attending camp!

Program Options: Half-day, Two-day, Three-day, Five-day
Dates Available: Year-round

Sample schedule (Five-day and three-day program start every Monday year-round. Two-day programs start every Thursday. Half-day sessions are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only):


9-noon: Meet and greet. Stretch and evaluation. Getting to know your game. Trackman evaluation.

9-11:45 a.m.: Full swing training, drill work9-11:45: Play 9 holes9-11:45: Combining all learned aspects of full swing and short game through progressive drill work that translates onto the course.

9-11: Play 9 holes.

11-1: On-course instruction.

Noon-1:15: LunchNoon-1:15 p.m.: LunchNoon-1:15: LunchNoon-1:15: Lunch1:15-2: Lunch.
1:30-4:30: On-course work. Strategy, shot-making, management of all shots (fairway bunkers, recovery), green reading1:30-4:30 p.m.: Short game training. Covers all aspects of putting, chipping and pitching.1:30-4:30: Combining all aspects of the full swing and short game through video analysis. 1:30-4:30: Guided on-course instruction that builds upon previously learned skill and instruction to play and think your way around any course.2-4:30: Course wrap-up. Final summaries and full take-home plan for continued improvement.


Five-day Retreat

By combining expert instruction, cutting-edge technology and personalized attention, the five-day retreat allows any golfer to have fun while improving their game. The five-day program included V1 video analysis, Trackman testing, K-vest work, a 9-hole course management/strategy session, two rounds of golf, video study and a customized take-home plan for continued improvement! 

Three-day School

One of our most popular adult golf programs, the three-day adult golf school is perfect for golfers who play regularly and are looking for refinements to continue improving on the course. The three-day program offers total game improvement, with a focus on full swing, short game and course management.

Two-day Player's School

Ideal for the golfer who needs a little tweaking to their game, while still looking for overall advancements for their game, the two-day adult golf school provides both! The program focuses more on the scoring aspect of the game, with an emphasis on short game work and on-course instruction.

Half-day Sessions

The half-day adult golf school (available from 9 a.m.-noon or 1:30-4:30 p.m.) is designed to improve your full swing technique. The session includes a detailed V1 video analysis that summarizes key points covered during the lesson for continued ball-striking improvement.

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