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Lax Talk with IMG Academy Lacrosse program Coach Haley: "Commitment"

Each week IMG Academy lacrosse summer camps and program Coach, Pat Haley, will write an intructional blog to help lacrosse students on their technique and game to succeed, also known as "Lax Talk". Check out what Coach Haley has to say this week:


A few thoughts this week on commitment.

Athletes come to IMG to maximize their potential. I see this when I look at the football field next to our lacrosse field and see NFL QB prospects Cam Newton and Christian Ponder working for hours on all the subtle nuances of their craft day after day, this on top of elite level physical training as well.

IMG Academy Lacrosse program Coach Pat Haley with students

I see more of the same when walking through the tennis courts and see the amount of hours and hard work these young players put in to develop their skills and athleticism. Lacrosse is a fun game - that should never change. But it's also a very demanding game with lots of different skill sets for each position. And the level of lacrosse is getting better and better everyday, so the athletic demands are greater than ever. The staff at the IMG Academy lacrosse program is in place to help players with the commitment to meet those demands and maximize their potential.

I believe, everybody, even the most dedicated player needs to be reminded that the only way to take FULL advantage of your potential is to practice with purpose and passion. If you follow the type of training program we provide at IMG, and you do all the drills and repetitions we recommend at something like 75% effort, you will get better. But, you won't get close to what you could become if you give everything you've got, and learn to play at game speed through all of your practice and training.

Good Luck!

- Coach Haley

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