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6th Annual Fire Lacrosse Combine at IMG Academy lacrosse program scheduled for Dec. 10

The 6th annual Fire Lacrosse combine at IMG Academy lacrosse program will feature Combine360 testing, drills and scrimmages.

Representing the state's premier skill evaluation and combine testing event, the 6th Annual Fire Lacrosse Combine will take place this year at the IMG Academy lacrosse program in Bradenton.

Scheduled for Dec. 10, the event is expected to attract more than 200 prep lacrosse players. By moving to the IMG Academy lacrosse program, it will give many of the area's top players access to the professional-quality fields and facilities at the world-renowned IMG Academy.

“Over the last five years, the Fire Lacrosse Club has been at the forefront of establishing the lacrosse-specific combine concept as the most complete approach to evaluating lacrosse player potential and skill,” said Bill Shatz, Director of the IMG Academy lacrosse program. “With IMG Academy' Combine360 testing, Total Athlete approach to training and world-class facilities, we believe this year's Combine event will represent one of the most advanced lacrosse evaluation programs ever offered in the United States.”

Registration is now open for boys of all ability levels (ages 10-18).

The skill evaluation portion will include top lacrosse coaches like Rory Whipple (Head Coach for the University of Tampa and Combine Director), Steve Beville (Head Coach of SUNY Cortland), Bill Bjorness (Head Coach of Hartwick College) and Mark Burnham (Assistant Coach of Iroquois National Team). Skill evaluation will include a series of progressive drills by position that allow the coaching staff to assess level of competency. Positional drills are followed by transition drills that lead into settled and unsettled situations designed to assess field awareness and game-level IQ. The drills then transfer to age-specific scrimmaging to determine a player's ability to produce team-level results in a competitive situation.

The combine testing portion will be delivered by Athletic & Personal Development program specialists, who created the revolutionary Combine360 platform in accordance with Under Armour. Assessing athleticism, movement and character, the C360 evaluation measures overall athleticism and records sport-specific ability and mental aptitude, nutritional level, ability to communicate and a variety of other performance disciplines allowing athletes of all abilities from across the world to compare their scores.

For more information about the Combine, contact Craig Lepiane at 585-259-7689.

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