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Year-Round & Summer Weekly Camps

State-of-the-art Training

IMG Academy performance camps provide the most complete and individualized instruction available in the game today. With innovative training programs and a state-of-the-art training complex that rivals most pro training complexes, everything a player needs to succeed is at their fingertips.

1-Week Camps


Our camps are offered year-round to work with every athlete’s schedule. Build a camp around your availability and stay anywhere from one week through the whole summer. The total athlete training program combines fundamental instruction, analysis and physical and mental conditioning with our specialists.

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If your schedule does not accommodate one of our packaged multi-week camps, you can customize your stay by choosing your own consecutive weeks to attend!

Training Never Stops! Redefine your game with an IMG Academy adult sport program available year-round. Call 1-800-872-6425 or email for more information.

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The longer you stay, the better you become.

Benefit from our Multi-Week Advantage and give yourself the opportunity to attain any goal you’ve set!

While a 1-week camp allows you to experience our world-renowned training, professional-grade facilities and personal growth disciplines in a diverse and engaging environment, our three-week, five-week and seven-week programs represent not only the best value, but were created to maximize your training and provide the greatest level of improvement within your sport.


1-Week: Athletes adjust to a new training schedule, acclimating to the weather and processing information. The first week is exciting, challenging, motivating and inspirational.

3 to 5-Week: Athletes begin to perform at a higher level as they now have a firm grasp of newly learned tactics and techniques. On and off-campus activities allow students to make friends with other dedicated athletes from around the world.

5 to 7-Week: Athletes now see the transformation from the athlete they were to the athlete they are becoming. They notice a measurable difference in strength, agility, focus and confidence. Tactics and techniques becom instinctive. Bonds with other passionate athletes will last a liftime.


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