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sport specific training

Sport specific training at IMG Academy will maximize your potential. There is no dream sweeter than playing professionally, because there’s nothing better than making a career out of doing what you love. In pro sports today, the demands are greater, the stakes are higher, and the window is short. Our coaches and trainers, many of whom played or coached professionally themselves, understand the nature of the game today.

Led by the Athletic & Personal Development specialists, our athletes are provided with fully customizable plans that consist of the world’s most advanced and effective training methods. No training facility in the world can match IMG Academy for its expertise, cutting-edge methodologies, professional-grade facilities, convenience and proven history of maximizing the potential in every athlete. At IMG Academy you train, eat and live on our 450-acre campus, making it the only one-stop shop of its kind.


Check out IMG Academy's pro training offerings:

NFL Offseason TrainingNFL Combine Training
NBA Pre-Draft TrainingNBA/Collegiate Training
Pro Soccer TrainingPro Golf Training
ATP and WTA TrainingMLB/Collegiate Training
“It’s the perfect environment for a young player or a pro player to come and spend time and concentrate on their sport…You don’t get any better than this.”
Juan Pablo AngelChivas USA

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