Boys Basketball

When a student-athlete joins the IMG Academy boys basketball program, they get access to one-of-a-kind resources and unparalleled support that guides their journey toward the next level. This program claimed the 2019 GEICO High School National Championship and includes an ever-growing roster of 13 McDonald's All-Americans and 19 NBA draftees. Student-athletes across every team have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential while emphasizing player development, resulting in placing over 140 basketball student-athletes in college over the last five years, including 80+ Division I placements.

The IMG Academy basketball experience is an atmosphere that closely mirrors the intensity and schedule of a collegiate program. With availability for 6th grade to Post Graduate student-athletes, IMG Academy has multiple teams available based on age and skill level. The program’s holistic structure and challenging on-court instruction has led to unprecedented team and individual accolades.

Boys Basketball Program

athletic development
coaching staff


Program Structure

IMG Academy offers year-round training and features a variety of teams at various levels to ensure each student-athlete has an enriching experience on campus. With as much emphasis on academics and college placement as on athletic development, IMG Academy tapers training and progressively increases workouts and conditioning before focusing on game preparation and team strategies. IMG Academy's extensive network of collegiate programs provides nationwide exposure unlike anywhere else.

College-preparatory environment

IMG Academy boys basketball student-athletes have a schedule that mirrors a collegiate atmosphere, with their on and off-court experiences preparing them to feel confident ahead of the next level. IMG Academy basketball student-athletes are also expected to maintain similar expectations to those that they’ll need to succeed in college, such as respect, academic success, responsibility and ownership, mental and physical toughness, and complete personal and athletic development.

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With multiple teams within the program, including National, Varsity, Junior National, Middle School, and Post-Graduate, IMG Academy basketball provides the nation’s most effective training environment for student-athletes regardless of age or skill level.


IMG Academy’s National Team competes against some of the nation’s top programs while earning unparalleled exposure during showcases and national-televised games and tournaments. Student-athletes within this team aspire to compete for top D1 programs or at the NBA and professional levels. Training consists of intensive workouts and team development that mirrors that of an elite collegiate program.


IMG Academy offers several Varsity teams to accommodate student-athletes at various levels. Varsity teams compete against regional and national programs and also take on a challenging seasonal schedule. Varsity student-athletes have an opportunity to gain collegiate exposure during showcases and tournaments as well as on campus.

Junior National Team

IMG Academy’s Junior National Team provides 9th and 10th graders with an opportunity to compete at a high level against top Varsity and Junior Varsity teams locally and regionally. This team prepares student-athletes for the Varsity and National team through a full competition schedule, internal scrimmages, position-specific instruction, developmental opportunities, and more. Junior National student-athletes also begin to understand the college recruitment process in preparation for their next steps.

Middle School Teams

IMG Academy’s Middle School basketball teams provide student-athletes with the chance to develop and prepare for their progression towards the National, Varsity, and Junior National teams. Middle school student-athletes will be exposed to high-level skill development and training that building a foundation for incremental growth.

Post-Graduate Teams

IMG Academy’s dedicated post-graduate teams compete against national competition at various tournaments and showcase events, allowing them to gain unprecedented exposure. Post-graduate players do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility while preparing for their next steps at the collegiate level both on the court as well as with a college placement advisor and academic staff. Post-graduates will develop through position-specific training while benefiting from an extra season to increase physicality as well as mental toughness and maturity.

Athletic Development

IMG Academy basketball student-athletes have access to coaches and trainers that are focused on more than their on-field performance, including crucial areas such as vision training, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports medicine, and more. Our Athletic Development team plays an integral role in the overall development of each baseball student-athlete. They integrate into the program's larger support system, ensuring that each student-athlete feels confident and prepared off the field, so they understand what it takes to succeed in college and in life.

Strength & Conditioning

Outwork and outlast the competition with IMG Academy’s Strength & Conditioning program. Our team of performance experts design a program that supplements sports training to help student-athletes reach their potential.

  • Speed, agility, and movement
  • Endurance & conditioning
  • Strength and power
  • Flexibility, mobility, balance, and core
sports medicine

Sports Medicine

IMG Academy’s Sports Medicine program educates and helps student-athletes keep their bodies healthy during demanding training and competition schedules. Our team promotes athlete availability through preventative and corrective exercises, holistic injury evaluation & treatment and movement quality assessments.

  • Athletic training
  • Physical therapy
  • Injured athlete program
  • Corrective exercise work
  • Recovery
  • Education on injury management
  • Return-to play management
sports medicine


At IMG Academy, we understand how important it is for student-athletes to fuel their bodies to meet their high-level lifestyles and sport demands. Our Nutrition program maximizes student-athlete performance by equipping them with the nutrition knowledge and resources to fuel and hydrate themselves for academic, athletics and long-term health.

  • Optimal everyday nutrition
  • Performance Plate
  • Nutrient intake and timing
  • Hydration strategies
  • Supplement education
  • Pre and post-competition fueling
  • Travel nutrition
  • Energy balance

Visual Training

Vision Training is not just about seeing – it’s about doing. Student-athletes will train their eyes to perform more quickly and efficiently through eye muscle and visual system development.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Reaction time
  • Depth perception
  • Vision strength
visual training


IMG Academy’s basketball program trains and competes on the following courts and facilities on campus:

  • 1 stadium court and 7 basketball courts with 24 baskets with video analysis capabilities during practices and games
  • Covered turf facility for speed and agility work with coaches focused on basketball players

Other Facilities

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  • Dorms
  • Campus Center
  • Academic Center

Annual Training Schedule


  • Orientation
  • Training camp (3-week evaluation period for all players)
  • Strength and conditioning, functional movement and mobility training
  • Performance & NBA style Combine testing
  • NCAA eligibility center registration
  • SAT/ACT sign-ups
  • Senior/Post Grad recruitment meetings
  • Open practices for college coaches, averaging 150+ coaches per year


  • Team practices with tactical & skill development with 2-3 small group workouts per week
  • Individual development plans distributed to players and parents
  • College placement meetings*
  • College application process continues/Common App finalized*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only

November - February

  • In-season games begin
  • Continued skill development
  • Underclassmen recruitment planning
  • Continued college placement meetings*
  • Narrowing college choices/list*
  • Individual development plans

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only

March - April

  • Spring AAU season begins; Teams will travel to National/Regional events
  • Emphasis on strength development after game season
  • Individualized skill development training
  • Focus on skills training
  • Finalize college selections and enrollment paperwork*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • Final player evaluations
  • Summer training plan distributed
  • End of year recognition banquet
  • Underclassmen official visits
  • Strength training emphasizing hypertrophy-based principles

June - August

  • Recommendations for Summer Camps
  • Focus on off-season development

Director of Basketball, Brian Nash

Coach Title
Mike Gillian Head of Boys Basketball
Sean McAloon Head Coach, Boys, National
Nate Ryzyk Student-Athlete Advisor
Alberto Markovich Student-Athlete Advisor
Alex Alacan Video Coordinator
Alex Popp Head Coach, Academic, Post Grad
Andrew Phillippe Program Manager
Billy Clapper Varsity Head Coach
Bob Ludwig Varsity Head Coach
Hullett Brooks Varsity Head Coach
Bob Simmons Camp Director
Curtis Bonny Assistant Coach
Dan Barto Head of Player Development
Dan Torres Assistant Coach
Daniel Santiago Assistant Coach
D'Angelo Frederick Junior Varsity Head Coach
Doug Thibault Middle School Head Coach
Elliot Washington Varsity Head Coach
Germaine Gonzalez Junior Varsity Head Coach
Ivan Summers Middle School Head Coach
Jeremy Schiller Varsity Head Coach
Jesse Edwards Junior National Head Coach
Jimmy Carr Head Coach, Post Grad
John Rhodes Head Coach, Elite, Post Grad
Juan Fernandez Assistant Coach
Julian Allen Varsity Head Coach
Julian DeBose Assistant Coach, Post Grad
Kevin Dux Varsity Head Coach
Kimrossi Taylor Assistant Coach
Kevin Sutton Technical Director
Malik Walfall Operations Coordinator, Equipment
Mike Kelly Head of College Placement
Sean Heil Assistant Coach
Shawn Greenfield Junior Varisty Head Coach
Shea Avellino Operations Coordinator, Facilities
Tom Sadler Varisty Head Coach
Travis Lyons Assistant Coach, National, Boys
Tre Campbell Assistant Coach, National, Boys
Victoria Sun Business Manager

Program Achievements

Some impressive highlights of the IMG Academy boys basketball program include:

19 total NBA draftees in program history

13 McDonald's All-Americans in program history

3 Alumni drafted in the 2023 NBA Draft

22 Alumni competed in the 2023 NCAA Tournament

MLB Draft

2019 GEICO High School National Champions

National Champions

100+ boys basketball student-athletes placed in college over the last 5 years, including 55+ DI placements

Alumni Zach Edey won three prestigious awards in 2023 including AP & Naismith Player of the Year Awards and the Wooden Award

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IMG Academy boarding school is built for dedicated and passionate student-athletes. We provide the tools and resources for our student-athletes to achieve their goals in the classroom, in their sport, in college and beyond. IMG Academy tuition rates are based on the comprehensive nature of our programming and resources available to student-athletes.

2024-2025 full year basketball tuition ranges from $69,400-$93,900 depending on age and program enrollment.


Offering grades 6-12 as well as post-graduate options, IMG Academy provides basketball student-athletes with a robust academic curriculum, unmatched academic support, and resources that prepare them for the rigors of university life and beyond.

Personal Development

IMG Academy boys basketball student-athletes have sessions focused on “intangible” skills like leadership, communication, and confidence, providing unmatched on-court growth as well as personal development. Explore the tools and support basketball student-athletes receive at IMG Academy.

College Placement

It’s critical for basketball student-athletes to feel confident and equipped to find the best college fit. IMG Academy’s proven, industry-leading college placement services and technology have placed more student-athletes on college rosters than any other program in the world.

Campus Experience

IMG Academy is the ideal setting for basketball student-athletes to become champions off the court as they explore their passions and interests outside of school and sport.

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