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Training Program IMG Camp Total Athlete Breakthrough Game Changer


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Program Description

The revolutionary IMG methodology that includes elite sport instruction and core performance training.

IMG Camp


1 daily training specialization session.

IMG Camp


1 daily personalized sport training session.

IMG Camp


Total Athlete



Designed For

Athletes still learning and refining their game.

Athletes who want to enhance strength, speed, mental toughness or other areas of performance.

Athletes who want to hone specific aspects of their game with customized coaching.

Athletes who want the ultimate training experience to transform their game.

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Get free access to an IMG Academy+ on-demand course

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*Sale price is based on average price of all 2024 summer camps.

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Exclusive Camp Pass Benefit:

Get free access to the IMG Academy+ on-demand course, Confidence: The MVP of Performance

Improve mental performance with positive self-talk, body language, and visualization techniques

Game On: Summer 2024!

Important FAQs

  • What is the last day to purchase a camp pass this year?


    You won’t see our 2024 camp prices at this rate again! We’re limiting the number of available 2024 Camp Passes to ensure you have ease of booking next year, so don’t miss out on this exclusive offer. Weekly training runs year-round while summer camps will be available June - August 2024.

  • If I purchase Camp Pass, am I locked into a specific camp type and date?

    No, Camp Pass locks in the lowest price we will offer for camps, but you will still need to redeem the Camp Pass to lock in your camp type and dates. Camp types and dates are dependent on availability.

  • Can I purchase Camp Pass with Affirm payment plan?

    Yes, you are able to purchase Camp Pass online using Affirm payment plan.

  • Can a multi-week Camp Pass be used across multiple campers?

    Yes, we are able to split a multi-week Camp Pass towards multiple campers!

  • Is there a refundable option?

    Camp Pass is non-refundable. If you do not redeem your Camp Pass by November 2024, the amount paid will then turn into a credit on file to apply to a 2025 camp program, for which you will have to pay the difference for any camp fees above and beyond your Camp Pass credit.

  • Now that I have purchased a Camp Pass, what do I have to do next?

    Nothing, until you are ready to select your specific 2024 camp type and date.

  • How do I redeem my Camp Pass?

    When you are ready to book your camp type and camp date, redeem your pass using our online redemption tool. If you have further questions contact us at 1-800-872-6425. For a reminder on all of your camp options, go to and select your sport.

  • When do I need to redeem?

    We require the camp pass to be redeemed no later than 45 days PRIOR to the start of the camp week you select. Redeem your pass at any time by booking camp with our online redemption tool.

  • How do I redeem my IMG Academy+ On-Demand online course?

    Visit this link to redeem, click on "Have a coupon code?" and add the redemption code provided in your confirmation email after purchase.

  • What if I redeemed but need to cancel my camp?

    No problem. If you were to redeem but then need to cancel before arriving, you will still have your Camp Pass through November 2024. If it goes unused through 2024, it will turn into a credit on file for 2025.

  • What are the 2024 Camp Pass Terms and Conditions?
    • Except as otherwise stated below, Pass is subject to the terms and conditions of the Purchase Policy. Pass is a nonrefundable package under the Purchase Policy, except that the $75 change fee will not be assessed in connection with changes or cancellations to the Pass.
    • Pass must be redeemed the earlier of (i) 45 days prior to scheduled arrival or (ii) no later than November 15, 2024.
    • Arrival must be after January 1, 2024 and prior to December 31, 2024.
    • A one (1) week Pass is redeemable for a one (1) week sport camp or one (1) week sport training experience; a three (3) week Pass is redeemable for a three (3) week sport camp, three (3) week sport training experience, or three (3) individual weeks of sport camp or sport training experience. Pass may be applied to any sport.
    • Purchase of Pass does not guarantee specific camp/sport training experience dates, and redemption of Pass and participation is subject to availability. Accordingly, we recommend requesting and securing your desired dates as early as possible.
    • If dates selected by the purchaser in connection with the Pass are cancelled by purchaser, or if purchaser does not redeem the Pass (for clarity, the following does not apply in the event of a no-show), then:
      • From January 1, 2024 through November 15, 2024, the purchaser may redeem the Pass for any week(s) of sport camp or sport training experience, subject to availability.
      • After December 31, 2024, the price paid for the Pass will convert to a credit on file, which the purchaser must redeem on or before November 15, 2025. Purchaser will be responsible for any difference in price for week(s) of sport camp or sport training experience booked in 2025 after the credit on file is applied as set forth hereunder. If purchaser does not redeem the Pass on or before November 15, 2025, purchaser will forfeit the credit on file in its entirety.
    • Upgrades are available when redeeming the Pass, subject to program availability.
      • If an upgraded camp/ sport training experience is not available at the time of redemption for the dates desired, and a less expensive camp/sport training experience is redeemed instead, you will receive a credit on file for the price difference that must be redeemed on or before November 15, 2025.
    • There will be a limited quantity of Passes sold for 2024.
    • Purchase of a Pass may only be combined with select offer(s)/promotion(s), as determined by IMGA in its sole discretion.
    • Pass is only transferrable with written authorization of purchaser and IMGA.
    • IMG Academy+ On Demand will be included with purchase of Pass. An access code for IMG Academy+ On Demand will be delivered to purchaser along with post-purchase communications.
    • IMG Academy+ On Demand must be redeemed the earlier of (i) 45 days prior to scheduled arrival or (ii) no later than November 15, 2024.
      • At the time of redemption, purchaser will have 1 year to complete IMG Academy+ course.
      • Must be 13 years or older to register for IMG Academy+ On Demand