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Soccer Academy Overview

IMG Academy’s soccer program retains global recognition by developing student-athletes within an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. From a training methodology focused on individual improvement and team strategies to an academic schedule and curriculum that mirrors collegiate programs, student-athletes have access to a wide network of resources that ensures they’re supported throughout their career.

Accolades range from college commitments to programs such as Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and SMU to national and professional league call-ups. IMG’s total athletic development model and unparalleled support system provides student-athletes with an opportunity and a platform to reach their peak potential both academically and athletically.

Soccer Program Structure

IMG Academy’s soccer program is structured across 10+ months of training and competing. IMG’s long term development model spans throughout a fall and spring season. IMG soccer student-athletes are introduced to the highest level of club league competition and tournament play. IMG’s soccer program is built around our IMG Academy Soccer Performance Plan, which optimizes the development process by combining expert coaching with an annual competition schedule that’s centered on individualized growth technically, tactically, and personally within a world-class setting.

IMG Academy’s soccer program has defined age-specific workloads and training programs to ensure that student-athletes have a clear pathway to progress through the program and maximize their potential. Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision making and tactical game management, individual development plan sessions inclusive of video analysis and team building / leadership, and games or scrimmages. The program has defined concepts for attacking, defending, and transition as well as set plays and systems of play that are executed across every team.

Throughout the program, IMG soccer coaches leverage their professional and collegiate experience and ensure that each student-athlete has the necessary tools to achieve their goals. IMG soccer coaches focus on developing the “competitor” through holistic training that includes positive decision making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. Each student-athlete within the program is competitive and possesses key skills such as game insight and the ability to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities.

The program’s global environment prepares student-athletes for the cultural experience of competing at the next level, whether that be in college or professionally. Student-athletes recognize the importance of a team atmosphere and develop lasting relationships with their teammates, coaches, teachers, and other support staff.

Student-athletes prioritize both academics and athletics as their schedule mirrors that of a collegiate program. Soccer training includes position-specific instruction as well as team strategies and foundational tactics, speed of play, and proactive thinking on the field. Skills such as strength and conditioning, communication skills, and leadership are also emphasized throughout the year to ensure maximized college recruitment opportunities.

IMG’s soccer program and performance plan are built around periodization principles in 6-week cycles that include the following development modules:

  • Individual training
  • Team training
  • Strength training
  • Athletic & Personal Development
    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Mental Conditioning
    • Leadership Development
    • Nutrition Training
  • Athlete Management System

Student-athletes meet with their coaches to set up an individual development plan with overall long term goals, short term measurable objectives, and mutually agreed upon outcomes over the cycle. Following the 6-week period, coaches and players review their progress and set new objectives when necessary ahead of the upcoming cycle. Four times a year, players receive a report detailing their progress and future areas of focus which include strength, agility, and endurance test results as well as video review.

Development Process

Pre-season Competitive Cycle Post-Season
Measure & Evaluate Prepare & Play Review & Prepare
August - September September - April April - June
Physical testing
Tactical, Technical, & Functional intro
Individual development plans (IDP)
Competition & tactical phase
College showcase competition
Performance statistics collection & analysis
IDP formal review
Physical testing
Season review
Post-season preparation


IMG Academy’s soccer program is comprised of teams ranging from U13 through U19 as well as post-graduate opportunities at the U18/U19 league level dependent on a student-athlete’s age eligibility. The program competes across two competitive platforms:


Unveiled in early September 2020, MLS NEXT will provide the best player development experience in North America. Founded on a collaborative approach to governance and a commitment to innovation, MLS NEXT players have access to the highest level of competition, training, and personal development opportunities that will prepare them for their futures both in soccer and in life.

USYS Sunshine Academy Conference

The US Youth Soccer Sunshine Conference is one of thirteen conferences under the US Youth Soccer National League in the Multi-State Tier. The top teams in the Conference earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Sunshine Conference teams also have a pathway to participate in the new National League Showcase Series.

Developed in May of 2020, the Sunshine Conference Academy Division formed as a club-based league that provides a highly competitive, stable, and consistent platform for teams in the U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19 boys age groups. The Academy Division includes former Development Academy members and other elite clubs who will have teams compete against each other over the course of a 10-month season.

Athletic and Personal Development

Athletic and Personal Development plays an integral role in the overall development of each soccer student-athlete. Athletic and Personal Development instructors focus on crucial areas such as mental toughness, strength & conditioning, nutrition, leadership, life skills and character development, and more to ensure that IMG Academy soccer student-athletes not only have an advantage over the competition but understand what it takes to succeed in college, on national and professional teams, and in life.

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Grades 6-12

IMG Academy’s collegiate-style schedule provides the ultimate preparation for student-athletes to succeed at the next level. Soccer student-athletes have the ability to select their courses and electives to identify their areas of interest ahead of enrolling into the collegiate program that best aligns with their academic and athletic goals. A dedicated college placement advisor as well as experienced coaches aid in the recruitment process from the beginning of a student-athlete’s career through graduation and even beyond.

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Post-graduate soccer student-athletes benefit from a gap year at IMG without jeopardizing their NCAA eligibility. Post-graduates work with IMG’s soccer coaches to create an individual development plan to improve physically, mentally, technically, and tactically. They also have access to standardized test prep courses for the SAT and ACT as well an opportunity to earn college course credit from IMG’s campus. Post-graduates receive quarterly progress reports, prepare for college soccer ID camps, and may compete in certain U18/U19 leagues and games pending age eligibility and league exceptions.

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Program & Alumni Accomplishments

Indiana Vassilev Aston Villa, Premier League

2 Dallas Cup Championships

2 U.S. Soccer Development Academy division titles

10+ Players signed to professional clubs out of high school since 2013

150+ D1 commitments

200+ Professional clubs and National teams trained and competed on campus in the past three years including: US Men’s, USYNT, Eintracht Frankfurt, Boca Juniors, Atlanta United, Concacaf Championships, ICC Futures, and more

2017-2018 U17 FNPL League Champions

6-Time MLS All-Star and 2007 Defender of the Year, Michael Parkhurst

Technology & Facilities

  • 20+ grass fields for soccer practices and games
  • Soccer-specific stadium attached to a dedicated soccer building with locker rooms, meeting rooms for players and teams, and coaches' offices

Performance and Sports Science Center

  • Mind Gym for mental conditioning and vision sessions and foot-eye coordination training
    • Fit Lights, DynaBoard, and cognitive perceptive technology
  • Yoga studio
  • Strength and conditioning equipment
  • Classrooms for nutrition and leadership training
  • Athletic training facility for recovery and regeneration, including hot and cold tubs

Soccer Academy Photo Gallery


All prospective student-athletes must submit a completed application, including academic records and recommendations.

Soccer Program Tuition

For academic year 2022-2023, tuition ranges from $65,400 to $87,900 per year depending on age, boarding and grade of student-athlete. Go to our tuition page for the full sport-by-sport cost breakdown.

Soccer Camps

A great way to learn more about IMG Academy is to attend a camp and see first-hand how to take your game to the next level.

Soccer Coaches & Staff

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Notable Soccer Program College Commitments

Student-athletes receive guidance from college placement specialists and sport coaches for reaching their goal of playing their sport at the collegiate level. This work begins when a student enters upper school at grade 9 and above.

soccer matriculation


soccer program athletes

If I wasn’t at IMG getting help from the soccer side and coaches, as well as the college counselors, I wouldn’t be here right now… This is like my home now. I’ve been here for 5 years, doing my everyday routine at a different place is going to feel a little weird at first just because it’s not IMG, but it’s definitely exciting.

- Michael Cormack IMG Academy Alumnus
soccer program athletes

I’m going to miss my brothers, for sure. And, it’s not only the players that I had on my team, but it was almost every single guy at the Academy… Even though I’m here for myself, we’re all helping each other succeed, so it’s a special thing.

- Zach Zimmerman IMG Academy Alumnus
soccer program athletes

It gives you more drive – way more drive, to try to be better than the person you’re walking next to at school.

- Indiana Vassilev IMG Academy Alumnus