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IMG Academy performance camps are available year-round for ages 12-18, with programs for everyone from the novice athlete to the aspiring pro. See below for how to select and book the right camp through our quick and easy online registration process.

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Choosing the Right Camp

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The IMG Camp Experience

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Performance Camp Overview

IMG Academy performance camps are led by industry-leading coaches who have experience developing some of the world’s most elite athletes. No matter a camper’s sport, these group training sessions are geared towards an athlete’s individual needs and feature IMG’s revolutionary training curriculum that’s been proven for over 40 years.

Training will be inclusive of strength and conditioning, leadership and communication, mental toughness, and more. All performance campers will receive a post-camp analysis report inclusive of coach feedback and comprehensive metrics.

IMG Academy performance center

Expert Coaching

IMG Academy performance camps are anchored by expert coaches with years of playing and coaching experience at the highest levels. Learn from the pros to gain insights and training methods to continue developing your skills.

Dr. Taryn Morgan

Coach Spotlight

Dr. Taryn Morgan - Director

Taryn Morgan has been the mental conditioning consultant for Texas A&M Women’s Soccer, University of Tennessee Women’s Soccer, Rowing and Swimming/Diving, Maryville College Volleyball, the Southeast Florida Figure Skating Club (including Amanda Evora, Olympic Pairs skater) in addition to all of the IMG sports.

Training for Every Goal

Depending on your goals, here are just some of the skills you will learn from our expert coaches:



Sport-specific strength, power, movement, speed, agility, flexibility and conditioning.

performance camp physical training



Build confidence, focus and determination and compete at your best on any given day.

performance camp mental training



Optimal everyday nutrition, energy balance, dietary supplements and hydration strategies.

performance camp nutrition



Improve reaction time, peripheral vision, decision making, visual search strategies and cognitive perceptual ability.

performance camp vision



Personal presence, character building, communication skills, accountability, conversational skill, self awareness and impact on others.

performance camp leadership



Reduce the potential of injury, corrective exercises, optimal training, rejuvenation of the body, massage and physical therapy.

performance camp athletic body management
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Year-round performance and world-class amenities

Some skills are sport specific, and others, such as speed and power, are not. At IMG Academy’s summer sports performance camp, youth athletes develop both speed and power as well as character development, leadership, and personal evolution. Campers will improve their overall athletic performance as well as learn transferable life skills.

We offer day and overnight performance camps, summer, winter, spring break, and other seasonal camps, as well as special rates for teams and groups who want to book together. You can choose the most convenient option, whether it be a winter performance camp or a sleepaway summer performance camp. Overnight camps give athletes the chance to sleepover in Ascender Residence Halls with 24/7 access to campus amenities and a full team of residential mentors.

Stay Local. Play Here.

A perfect option for performance campers or for families on vacation in the Sarasota and Bradenton area, many on- and off-campus housing options are available for adults and families, including the Legacy Hotel, The Lodge, Academy Park Villas, Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, Holiday Inn Express and Suites and more, including beachfront resorts.

56,000 sq. ft. performance center
3 residence halls
Gatorade sports science institute

Campers Train Here

  • Mind Gym for mental conditioning sessions and vision training
    • Fit Lights, DynaBoard, and cognitive perceptive technology
  • Yoga studio
  • Strength and conditioning equipment
  • Classrooms for nutrition and leadership training
  • Athletic training facility for recovery and regeneration, including hot and cold tubs
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Performance Coaches

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Performance Camps

  • What do Performance Camps consist of?

    A rotation of strength/speed training, high-performance mindset, nutrition, vision, leadership and athletic body management classes.

  • Why should I attend a Performance Camp?

    Our Sports Performance and Speed Camps address all of the off-field elements that make the difference between winning and losing. Most athletes train in their sport, but few have the same dedication to off-field components.

  • Do I need to be an elite athlete?

    Sports Performance Camps are customized to each participant and their desired goals/outcome. Whether you’re just trying to make the team or All-State, this athletic performance camp will make you better.

  • Do I work with the same performance coach throughout?

    You will work with experts in each different discipline. Our coaches have specialization in different areas of performance.

  • What is the ideal camp length?

    We recommend that participants do multi-week camps, as they truly experience tangible changes in their strength, speed, health and confidence. Our camps are progressive in nature, so each week will build upon the previous, leading to ultimate performance development

  • How much does a camp cost?

    Camps vary depending on how long you stay and what program you choose! If you have additional questions after using our camp configurator, you can chat directly with our support staff.



  • What should my child bring to camp?

    Click here for details.

  • What type of activities are offered at camp?

    With a mix of on-campus and off-campus activities, an IMG Academy camp experience is the ultimate combination of training and fun. Click here to learn more!

  • How many campers attend a camp?

    The number of campers varies by sport and time of year, with July representing our most well-attended camps. Whenever you come or whatever sport you play, you will always receive small-group training from expert coaches with ultra-personalized instruction available. Please contact us for more detail based on when you are considering attending a camp.

  • What forms do I need to complete prior to camp?

    Click here to find the necessary forms and resources to attend camp.

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