Girls Soccer

IMG Academy’s girls soccer program is built around a proven training methodology that develops, elevates and empowers student-athletes to succeed at every level. Over 100 girls soccer student-athletes have been placed in college over the last five years, including 65+ to Division I programs. The IMG Academy U19 team was named National Premier League National Champions in 2022 and in 2023, alumna Michelle Cooper claimed the highest draft pick in IMG Academy history with her second overall pick in the NWSL Draft . It combines challenging team schedules with a global atmosphere, which makes the IMG Academy soccer program widely recognized for its optimal balance and overall structure.

IMG Academy prepares every student-athlete to elevate their game through personal development in areas of coachability, focus, resilience and handling pressure. This holistic experience helps establish foundational skills so every student-athlete feels confident and better prepared for future success.

Girls Soccer Program

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Program Structure

At IMG Academy, girls soccer student-athletes have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in some of the country's most prestigious leagues and compete against top teams from around the world. The soccer program's successful methodology enables student-athletes to prepare for college and national team play while also growing academically, athletically, and personally.

Student-athletes prioritize both academics and athletics as their schedule mirrors that of a collegiate program. Soccer training includes position-specific instruction as well as team strategies and foundational tactics, speed of play, and proactive thinking on the field. Skills such as strength and conditioning, communication skills, and leadership are also emphasized throughout the year to ensure maximized college recruitment opportunities.

Tracking growth & success:

IMG Academy’s girls soccer program and performance plan are built around periodization principles in 6-week cycles that include the following development modules:

  • Individual Training
  • Team Training
  • Athletic & Personal Development
    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Mental Conditioning
    • Leadership Development
    • Nutrition Training
  • Athlete Management System

Home Away From Home: Hear from alum, Michelle Cooper


IMG Academy soccer student-athletes have access to proven performance training in areas like vision training, strength & conditioning, nutrition, and sports medicine. Athletic Development coaches and trainers integrate into the program's larger support system, ensuring that each student-athlete feels confident and prepared off the field as well.

Strength & Conditioning

IMG Academy’s Strength & Conditioning team designs a specific program that supplements soccer training to help student-athletes reach their potential.

  • Speed, agility, and movement
  • Endurance & Conditioning
  • Strength and power
  • Flexibility, mobility, balance, and core

Sports Medicine

IMG Academy’s Sports Medicine program educates and helps student-athletes keep their bodies healthy during demanding training and competition schedules. Our team promotes athlete availability through preventative and corrective exercises, holistic injury evaluation & treatment, and movement quality assessments.

  • Athletic training
  • Physical therapy
  • Injured athlete program
  • Corrective exercise work
  • Recovery
  • Education on injury management
  • Return-to play management
sports medicine


At IMG Academy, we understand how important it is for student-athletes to fuel their bodies to meet their high-level lifestyles and sports demands. Our Nutrition program maximizes student-athlete performance by equipping them with nutrition knowledge and resources to fuel and hydrate themselves for academics, athletics, and long-term health.

  • Optimal everyday nutrition
  • Performance Plate
  • Nutrient intake and timing
  • Hydration strategies
  • Supplement education
  • Pre and post-competition fueling
  • Travel nutrition
  • Energy balance

Visual Training

Vision Training is not just about seeing – it’s about doing. Student-athletes will train their eyes to perform more quickly and efficiently through eye muscle and visual system development.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Reaction time
  • Depth perception
  • Vision strength
visual training


IMG Academy’s girls soccer program trains and competes on the following fields and facilities on campus:

  • 20+ grass fields for soccer practices and games
  • Soccer-specific stadium attached to a dedicated soccer building with locker rooms, meeting rooms for players and teams, and coaches' offices

Other Facilities

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  • Dorms
  • Campus Center
  • Academic Center


IMG Academy soccer coaches utilize their extensive professional and collegiate experience to provide each student-athlete with the necessary tools to succeed throughout the program. By emphasizing holistic training methods that include positive decision-making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence, coaches aim to develop well-rounded "competitors." The program has defined concepts for attacking, defending, and transition as well as set plays and systems of play that are executed across every team.

Throughout the program, IMG Academy soccer coaches leverage their professional and collegiate experience and ensure that each student-athlete has the necessary tools to achieve their goals. IMG Academy soccer coaches focus on developing the “competitor” through holistic training that includes positive decision making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. Each student-athlete within the program is competitive and possesses key skills such as game insight and the ability to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities.

IMG Academy’s soccer program comprises teams ranging from U13 through U19 and post-graduate opportunities at the U18/U19 league level depending on a student-athlete’s age eligibility. The program competes across two competitive platforms:

IMG Academy Girls Soccer Competitive Platforms


A new tier of competition developed by the DPL in April of 2020; this youth development platform was created for high level female soccer players in the United States. The Girls Academy embraces the desire of club members and GA players alike to maintain an unrivaled standard of excellence in coaching, competition, and regional and national showcase events throughout the year. The Girls Academy is committed to cultivating an environment that empowers each player to reach their best potential as an exceptional athlete and individual by celebrating the player’s journey through competition, showcases, and camaraderie.

Following the 2020-2021 season, the GA invited IMG Academy to be one of 14 elite clubs in the Champions League. As a part of the GACL, IMG Academy will compete in additional Champions League events along with our existing showcase, conference, and tournaments against the other top tier teams.


Created in 2017, the Development Player League’s mission is to develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment. They believe that through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities, and create community around the game. This standards-driven national league connected to the Girls Academy will encourage clubs to compete and grow, which maximizes the development of each player.

Simon Collins

Simon Collins comes to IMG Academy from U.S. Youth Soccer where he served as its commissioner. As the national league commissioner, Colins oversaw a network of leagues and events, successfully creating the Elite 64 league. His strategic vision and leadership expanded the number of National League participating players from 70,000 to 95,000.

Collins served in a variety of soccer industry leadership and coaching roles from 2006-2021, including the Technical Director position at EDP Soccer, where he facilitated league growth and expansion, significantly increasing player membership in various regions, including Florida. He also was the St. Cloud Soccer Club Director of Coaching where he developed coaching programs that fostered youth development and established international partnerships, providing U.S.-based players opportunities to experience playing in Europe.

Prior to his leadership and coaching positions, Colins was a professional soccer player from 1990-2001. He played in 237 professional league games with various clubs in the U.K. for the English Football League and overseas.

Coach Title
Kim Dean Lead Coach/Girls Program
Alex Chater General Manager
Ashlee Davis Student Athlete Advisor
Charli Pogany Goalkeeper Coach
Fermin C. Torrejon Student Athlete Advisor
George Sasvari Camp Director
Ian Collins College Placement Lead
Joseph Walejko Program Manager
Justin Lundholm Soccer Assistant
Kailyn Scully Program Operations Coordinator
Matias Carbone Soccer Assistant
Miguel Rodrigues Head Coach
Paul Jennison Head of Goalkeeping
Paula Astiazaran Colina Head Coach
Bradley Fewell Head Coach
RJ Lindquist Head Coach
Stephen Reed Head Coach
Tom Shortland Head Coach
Travers Evans Student-Athlete Advisor

Program Achievements

Some impressive highlights of the IMG Academy girls soccer program include:

Michelle Cooper is selected as the 2nd overall pick in the 2023 NWSL Draft

2022 U19 National Premier League National Champions

25 Players from 7 different countries represented the 2022 National Championship Team

2022 U13 Alliance Cup Champions

2022 U19 Tampa Super Cup Black Division Champions

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IMG Academy boarding school is built for dedicated and passionate student-athletes. We provide the tools and resources for our student-athletes to achieve their goals in the classroom, in their sport, in college and beyond. IMG Academy tuition rates are based on the comprehensive nature of our programming and resources available to student-athletes.

2024-2025 full year girls soccer tuition ranges from $68,400-$92,900 depending on age and program enrollment.


Offering grades 6-12 as well as post-graduate options, IMG Academy provides soccer student-athletes with a robust academic curriculum, unmatched academic support, and resources that prepares them for the rigors of university life and beyond.

Personal Development

IMG Academy offers innovative learning experiences, providing growth opportunities for all female student-athletes aspiring to reach the confidence, power and skills set needed to elevate to the best version of themselves.

College Placement

It’s critical for soccer student-athletes to feel confident and equipped to find the best college fit. IMG Academy’s proven, industry-leading college placement services and technology have placed more student-athletes on college rosters than any other program in the world.

Campus Experience

IMG Academy is one of the most geographically diverse boarding schools in the world, providing female student-athletes with access to incredible teammate connections and like-minded individuals focus on working hard to reach their dreams.

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