Boys Track and Field
& Cross Country

The IMG Academy’s boys track & field and cross country program emphasizes individual growth within a team atmosphere, allowing student-athletes to achieve their goals. From setting records at the national level with 15 named High School All Americans in 2023 alone, to placing over 50 boys track and field student-athletes in college over the last five years, including 40+ Division I placements, IMG Academy’s track & field and cross country program remains a global destination for student-athletes seeking to push themselves to reach the next level.

The program offers event-specific training for jumpers, sprinters, decathletes, hurdlers, throwers, pole vaulters and distance/ cross-country runners throughout an annual competition schedule. With an unprecedented, proven methodology built upon intentional development through coachability, focus, and resilience, every student-athlete feels prepared and confident as they strengthen their abilities

Boys Track and Field Program

athletic development
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Program Structure

IMG Academy’s student-athletes are exposed to elite training and conditioning plans created by experienced coaches. The track & field and cross-country program is the optimal college preparatory environment for student-athletes to focus on their development through an annual cycle inclusive of base training, pre and post-competition preparation, and regeneration.

Tracking growth & success:

Student-athletes receive individualized training plans and focus on intricate development cycles inclusive of base training, pre and post-competition, and regeneration.

Each student-athlete within IMG Academy’s track and field and cross country program receives:

  • An individual development plan
  • Individual development quarterly reports
  • A team competition schedule
  • A training group periodization plan
  • An athletic and personal development plan
  • A college placement plan

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Event-Specific Training

IMG Academy offers event-specific training that’s tailored to each student-athlete’s individual needs to maximize efficiency, increase speed, and improve strength. Training includes weekly video analysis while more technical events may have more frequent video sessions throughout the week. Student-athletes will also work with their respective coaches to review video after competing.

IMG Academy’s student-athletes are exposed to elite training and conditioning plans created by world champions and Olympians. Track & field and cross-country coaches focus on developing well-rounded student-athletes while enhancing each individual’s specific event techniques.


The end goal for IMG Academy jumpers is to accelerate to a maximum controlled horizontal velocity with an accurate stride pattern. To achieve that maximum jumping potential, training is broken down to focus on these core areas:

  • Approach
  • Transition from the approach to the plant of the take-off foot
  • Take-off
  • Flight
  • Landing


IMG Academy’s sprint and hurdle student-athletes combine strength, power, speed, and technique to optimize specific time and distance parameters. Sprinters and hurdlers require a great strength-to-body ratio, speed combined with horizontal velocity, and angular momentum for optimal results. Training includes block settings, conditioning, mechanical analysis, stride patterns, and more to address all aspects of competitive performance.


Because throwers require great strength, arm speed, and excellent coordination, IMG Academy throwers typically throw 5-6 days a week combined with four days of weight training. All throwers practice multiple throwing events while focusing on their respective primary event. Training focuses on technique, grip, rotations, turns, power vs. speed, and more.


IMG Academy distance and cross-country student-athletes combine strength, speed, cardio, and technique to optimize specific time and distance parameters. The total running volume of each student-athlete is incredibly individualized based on age and ability level.

Training incorporates drills that help develop bio mechanical efficiency as coaches consider quality training a priority over quantity of total volume. Distance runners maximize their speed while minimizing the risk of injury while developing primary biological components that factor into positive performance outcomes.

For cross country student-athletes specifically, training is a combination of long-distance road work, trail runs, and track intervals to develop speed and endurance. An emphasis is also placed on running mechanics, recovery techniques, strength training, and nutrition. Specific paces and intensities ensure that the targeted energy and body systems are addressed.


IMG Academy's Combined Events training group focuses on developing well-rounded athletes in the Pentathlon, Heptathlon, and Decathlon. Athletes in the program will receive personalized coaching and training that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. The program also emphasizes mental and emotional resilience, as well as nutrition and injury prevention.

The dedicated multi-coach works closely with each student-athlete to develop a training plan that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. Combined event training will heavily focus on developing speed and power, while also incorporating proven training techniques for the 800m/1500m events, as demonstrated at both the NCAA and Olympic levels.

The coach will provide guidance and support throughout the entire training process, from the initial stages of strength and conditioning to the final stages of strategy and competition. This personalized approach allows each individual to maximize their potential in each event, while also building a strong foundation for future success in college.

Athletic Development

IMG Academy track & field and cross-country student-athletes have access to proven performance training in areas like vision training, strength & conditioning, nutrition, and sports medicine. Athletic Development coaches and trainers integrate into the program's larger support system, ensuring that each student-athlete feels confident and prepared off the court as well.

Strength & Conditioning

Outwork and outlast the competition with IMG Academy’s Strength & Conditioning program. Our team of performance experts design a program that supplements sports training to help student-athletes reach their potential.

  • Speed, agility, and movement
  • Endurance & Conditioning
  • Strength and power
  • Flexibility, mobility, balance, and core

Sports Medicine

IMG Academy’s Sports Medicine program educates and helps student-athletes keep their bodies healthy during demanding training and competition schedules. Our team promotes athlete availability through preventative and corrective exercises, holistic injury evaluation & treatment and movement quality assessments.

  • Athletic training
  • Physical therapy
  • Injured athlete program
  • Corrective exercise work
  • Recovery
  • Education on injury management
  • Return-to play management
sports medicine


At IMG Academy, we understand how important it is for student-athletes to fuel their bodies to meet their high-level lifestyles and sport demands. Our Nutrition program maximizes student-athlete performance by equipping them with the nutrition knowledge and resources to fuel and hydrate themselves for academic, athletics and long-term health.

  • Optimal everyday nutrition
  • Performance Plate
  • Nutrient intake and timing
  • Hydration strategies
  • Supplement education
  • Pre and post-competition fueling
  • Travel nutrition
  • Energy balance

Visual Training

Vision Training is not just about seeing – it’s about doing. Student-athletes will train their eyes to perform more quickly and efficiently through eye muscle and visual system development.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Reaction time
  • Depth perception
  • Vision strength
visual training


IMG Academy’s track & field and cross-country program trains and competes on the following facilities on campus:

  • A new 8-Lane 400M Track
    • High-speed video analysis for thorough training to review practices and meets in slow-motion, instant replay, and more with the ability to share all content
    • Freelap & Brower Timing systems for portability, accuracy, and wireless capabilities
  • Six multi-directional pole vault runways with international-standard pits
  • Eight multi-directional long jump/triple jump pits
  • Dedicated long throw areas with multiple circles and cages
    • 2 shot competition shot put rings
    • 2 Discus and 2 hammer rings
    • Dedicated Javelin Runway
    • Dedicated Throws Equipment Shed on Site
  • Covered turf facility for speed and agility work

Other Facilities

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  • Dorms
  • Campus Center
  • Academic Center

Annual Training Schedule

Freshman Year

September - November

  • Goal setting begins for athletics and academics along with time management evaluation
  • Begin a college file
  • Meet with academic advisor to set up your academic plan for second semester

January – April

  • Research colleges and understand admissions requirements for a high-level list of schools
  • Goal setting for athletics and academics for spring semester
  • Develop list of personal preferences for college
  • Plan summer track and field schedule (if applicable)
  • Evaluate athletic progress and performance with coach
  • Set training goals for summer

Sophomore Year

September - November

  • Register for the PSAT and PACT tests
  • Narrow list of schools as applicable
  • Goal setting for athletics and academics continues
  • Update athlete profile

January - April

  • Review and update college files along with athlete profile
  • Continue research on admission requirements for college list
  • Narrow list of schools to a top 10
  • Schedule unofficial visits with colleges over summer
  • Confirm summer competition schedule with coach and set goals for junior year

Junior Year

September - November

  • Update athlete profile and meet with coach regarding college selection process and to evaluate performance
  • Confirm SAT and ACT test dates for October through December
  • Apply to NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Complete two admissions applications for practice
  • Narrow list of schools as applicable

January - April

  • Schedule second round of SAT and ACT tests pending first-round scores
  • Evaluate list of schools and continue to narrow down
  • Schedule unofficial visits for summer
  • Schedule performance and college review with coach
  • Review summer plan and college visits along with athletic goals with coach

Senior Year

September - November

  • Set up official visits to college after coordinating them with coach
  • Schedule final rounds SAT and ACT tests
  • Meet with advisor to acquire transcripts, test scores, and all documents to send to schools and update NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Check on early admission applications and status
  • Reevaluate top schools and narrow search
  • Complete and send in all applications
  • Eliminate schools no longer of interest and order top schools accordingly

January - April

  • Review acceptances and scholarship opportunities with coach and advisor
  • Final college decision and signing date: mid-March
  • Finalize Clearinghouse information
  • Work hard over the summer to prepare for college!

Track and Field Director, Mark Napier

Mark Napier most recently served as Head Coach of Track & Field at Lakewood Ranch High School, one of the top high school programs in the state of Florida. During his 8-year tenure he coached 12 state champions / 2 state relay champions / girls’ state championship team and 3 years where both his boys and girls' teams had the highest Academic GPA in the state of Florida. With 8 years of high school and 20 years of college experience, Napier also works with the KAAF Top Junior Athletes in South Korea.


  • KAAF National Junior Coach Liaison – Dague, South Korea
  • Lead Instructor - South Korean Junior Team / Professional Athletes and KAAF Coaches
  • Florida High School Coach of the Year / National Coach of the Year Finalist
  • Both boys and girls programs had back-to-back highest team GPAs in Florida
  • 22 NCAA & NJCAA National Champions, 26 NCAA & 51 NJCAA All-Americans, 36 Conference Champions, and 55 NCAA qualifiers.
  • Responsible for coaching and recruiting 64 Academic All-Big Ten student athletes.
  • Have coached a total of 33 Conference Track & Field Championship teams in 3 conferences (MVC, Big XII, and Big Ten).
  • NJCAA National Assistant Coach of the Year 4 times and 4 NJCAA National Titles
  • Coached 4 Olympians (Long Jump/Triple Jump/Decathlon/400m)
  • Coached 2 Visa Decathlon Members
  • Coached 6 U.S. vs. Germany Decathlon Members
  • Coached 1995 World Championship Bronze Medalist in Triple Jump
  • Coached 2000 Indoor USATF National Runner-up in High Jump
  • Coached and mentored 12 NFL players (most notably 10x All-Pro Joe Thomas)
Coach Title
Mark Napier Director of Track and Field
Lamont Thomas Assistant Director
Caleb Phillips Pole Vault Coach
Chase Sandberg Senior Athletics Advisor
Dwight Thomas Sprint Coach
Hannah Gault Distance Coach
Larry Ryans Hurdles/Sprint Coach
Mark Stephens Throws Coach
TJ Lawson Multi-Event Coach
Bill Lawson Head of Distance and Cross Country

Program Achievements

Some impressive highlights of the IMG Academy boys track & field and cross country program include:

2023 Texas Relays 4x100M Champions and Record Holders

2023 Boys 4x200m relay Indoor National Champions

Alumnus, Jaylen Slade, 2021 National Track and Field Athlete of the Year & Olympic Trials Qualifier

35 National Outdoor Qualifiers in program history

45 National Indoor Qualifiers in program history

50+ boys track and field student-athletes placed in college over the last 5 years, including 40+ DI placements

Undefeated Season

22+ Countries represented across the program

2019 National Champions

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IMG Academy boarding school is built for dedicated and passionate student-athletes. We provide the tools and resources for our student-athletes to achieve their goals in the classroom, in their sport, in college and beyond. IMG Academy tuition rates are based on the comprehensive nature of our programming and resources available to student-athletes.

2024-2025 full year track and field tuition ranges from $68,400-$92,900 depending on age and program enrollment.


Offering grades 6-12 as well as post-graduate options, IMG Academy provides track & field and cross-country student-athletes with a robust academic curriculum, unmatched academic support, and resources that prepares them for the rigors of university life and beyond.

Personal Development

The transformative growth of every track & field and cross-country student-athlete depends significantly on the Athletic and Personal Development department. These coaches prioritize essential aspects such as mental resilience, movement, adaptability, moral development, and other key areas.

College Placement

It’s critical for track & field and cross-country student-athletes to feel confident and equipped to find the best college fit. IMG Academy’s proven, industry-leading college placement services and technology have placed more student-athletes on college rosters than any other program in the world.

Campus Experience

At IMG Academy, student-athletes can showcase their individuality, assume leadership positions through clubs and groups on campus, and excel in areas aligning with their passions.

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