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Now Accepting Applications

IMG Academy Coaches

Physical Conditioning Coaches

  • Scott Gadeken
    Scott Gadeken
    Head of Physical Conditioning
    As IMG Academy's Head of Physical Conditioning, Scott Gadeken manages the physical...
  • Quan Wen
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Before joining IMG Academy, he spent the summer at Stanford University as a Sports...
  • Jamie Allan
    Jamie Allan
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Jamie Allan joined the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development department in...
  • Strength Training Coach - Sarah Schmitz
    Sarah Schmitz
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Sarah played collegiate softball at Illinois Central College, leading her team to...
  • Sports Performance Training - Christopher Duguay
    Christopher Duguay
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Prior to working at IMG Christopher worked as an intern at Clemson University with...
  • Elliott Walters
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Elliott has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program...
  • Loren Seagrave
    Loren Seagrave
    Director of Speed & Movement
    Seagrave is one of the most renowned speed coaches in the world. In 1998, he began...
  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Vinnie Burns has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development...
  • Steve Novencido
    Steve Novencido
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Steve began at IMG Academy in October 2013 as a Strength & Conditioning Coach,...
  • Eric Grantham
    Eric Grantham
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Eric Grantham has been a physical conditioning coach with the Athletic and Personal...
  • Kevin Heiberger
    Kevin Heiberger
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Heiberger came to the Athletic & Personal Development program as Performance...
  • Uranius "U.J." Johnson
    Uranius Johnson
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Uranius "UJ" Johnson joined the Athletic and Personal Development staff in January...
  • Steffen Visk
    Steffen Visk
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Steffen Visk has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development...
  • Cassiano Costa
    Cassiano Costa
    Physical Conditioning Coach
    Cassiano Costa joined the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program in...

Mental Conditioning Coaches

  • Angus Mugford
    Dr. Angus Mugford
    Director of Personal & Organizational Performance
    Dr. Mugford joined IMG Academy in 2004 and helped lead much of the growth and...
  • Taryn Morgan
    Dr. Taryn Morgan
    Assistant Director of Athletic & Personal Development
    Taryn has consulted with numerous junior, collegiate, and professional/Olympic...
  • Mike Lewis - APD
    Mike Lewis
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    Prior to joining IMG Academy, Mike operated a sport performance training company in...
  • Justin Su'a
    Justin Su'a
    Head of Mental Conditioning
    Justin comes to the Mental Conditioning team with an array of experience and...
  • David DaSilva
    David DaSilva
    Mental/Vision Coach
    David coordinated Sport Psychology services at Barry University which included...
  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    Christian brings an abundance of experience with him from both the academic and...
  • DJ Andreoli
    DJ Andreoli
    Mental Conditioning Coach
    DJ Andreoli has been with the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development program...

Athletic Trainers

  • Patrick Tanner
    Patrick Tanner
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Prior to working at IMG Academy Patrick was with the Baltimore Orioles Organization...
  • Matt An
    Matt An
    Athletic Trainer
    Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Matt completed his Bachelor’s of Science in...
  • Krysthian Ramos
    Athletic Trainer
    Krysthian is a graduate from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in...
  • Kelly Quakenbush
    Athletic Trainer
    After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Athletic Training...
  • Jean Troiano
    Jean Troiano
    Athletic Trainer
    She received her bachelors of science in athletic training from Keene State College...
  • Lauren Askevold
    Athletic Trainer
    Lauren was the first female Athletic Training intern with the Milwaukee Bucks...
  • Ben Wood - Athletic Training
    Ben Wood
    Athletic Trainer
    Ben graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports...
  • Kimberly Baughman
    Athletic Trainer
    Kim joined the Athletic and Personal Development Department in the beginning of...
  • Kaitlyn Deshaies
    Kaitlyn Deshaies
    Athletic Trainer
    After Graduating from the University of Tampa, with a degree in Sports Medicine/...
  • Constantine Demetriadis
    Constantine Demetriadis
    Assistant Head Athletic Trainer
    Constantine joined the Athletic and Personal Development Program at IMG Academy in...


  • Stephanie Wilson
    Stephanie Wilson
    Head of Nutrition
    Stephanie began her journey in sports as a gymnast and then transitioned to a...
  • Kathryn Burks
    Nutrition Coach
    Kate is originally from New Orleans, LA. She participated in club soccer and...
  • Performance Training - Paul Salter
    Paul Salter
    Nutrition Coach
    Paul joins us with a variety of sport nutrition experiences, including working with...

Leadership Coaches

  • Nonalee Davis
    Nonalee Davis
    Head of Leadership
    Before joining IMG Academy, Nonalee was a professional stuntwoman for several years...
  • Travis Thomas
    Travis Thomas
    Leadership Coach
    Before joining IMG Academy, Travis worked with high school and college students for...

Hospital for Special Surgery

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan, PT, ATC, SCS
    Advanced Clinician
    Matthew is a physical therapist and athletic trainer who has recently joined the...
  • Jorge Giral
    Jorge Giral, PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS
    Clinical Supervisor
    Jorge is a member of the Hospital for Special Surgery team in Bradenton, FL and...

Athletic & Personal Development Administration

  • David Hesse
    David Hesse
    Hesse trained as an Organizational Psychologist where he specialized in business...
  • Mara Foley
    Program Manager
    Mara joined the IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development Program as Program...
  • Christopher King
    Christopher King
    Sports Advisor
    Chris is currently in his fourth year with the Athletic & Personal Development...

College Planning and Placement Staff

  • Mark Blaweiss
    Mark Blaweiss
    Director of College Placement and Planning
    Mark Blaweiss has worked and held leadership roles in the fields of higher...
  • Heather Von Seggern
    Heather Von Seggern
    College Advisor
    Heather Von Seggern has been with IMG Academy since 2010 and works with soccer,...
  • Mark Riddell
    Mark Riddell
    Director of College Entrance Exam Preparation
    Mark Riddell is the Director of College Entrance Exam Preparation (SAT & ACT)...
  • Scott Treibly
    Scott Treibly
    Recruiting Coordinator & College Advisor
    Scott Treibly has been with IMG Academy since 2001 and is currently the College...
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