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Training Program

Receive training that fully prepares you for the immediate challenges that occur during the Combine evaluation, as well as ensuring strong fundamentals leading into rookie training camp. We have coaches with expertise in every area of the game so you get training that's specific to your skillset.


IMG partnered with Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) to provide a robust rehabilitation program focused on differential diagnosis, treatment, accelerated injury recovery, and injury prevention. Trainees go through an initial survey with HSS physical therapists to review past injuries and identify possible health issues, before being assessed through a full-body musculoskeletal evaluation. HSS physicians are team doctors for numerous professional and collegiate teams.

From our Combine experts...

Patrick Tanner, Head Athletic Trainer - Injury prevention and recovery are a strong focus when preparing for football at the professional level. Tanner is an expert in assessing an athlete's injury history to aid in prevention, as well as crafting comprehensive rehabilitation programs for all types of injuries. He directs the health care for the Combine training program and travels with other staff members to Indianapolis every February.

Experience first-hand what it takes to perform at the NFL Combine, with multiple mock combines strategically scheduled during training to identify and develop areas of strength and weakness. Our coaches evaluate your mock combine performances, as they serve as stepping stones to the big stage in February.

Improve maximum power and strength to place among the most explosive athletes in Indianapolis. The end result is to increase the highest amount of reps in the bench press test, while exerting the greatest amount of force possible to jump higher, jump further, and move the human body as fast and efficiently as possible.

From our Combine experts...

Scott Gadeken, Head of Physical Conditioning - Gadeken challenges athletes to achieve their optimal performance level through mental toughness and explosive conditioning techniques. With an impressive string of college football bowl wins, including a National Championship with LSU, Gadeken brings years of success to the program. 

Understand and implement movement skill education that reprograms the nervous system, producing phenomenal gains in linear and multi-directional speed. By utilizing the world’s foremost experts and cutting-edge video analysis, you will learn how to improve speed and agility, including better 40-yard dash times.

From our Combine experts...

Loren Seagrave, Director of Speed & Movement - A world-renowned innovator and one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry of speed training, Seagrave has made a profound impact across sports. From multiple NFL Draft 1st-round selections to Olympic medalists, Seagrave’s proven speed training methodology has taken athletes to unprecedented levels.

Learn and apply the principles of a “high-performance mindset” to better understand the mental factors that are required to dominate the 3.5-day NFL Combine, while becoming experienced in the tests administered at the Combine (Wonderlic, PAT, etc.). We work to ensure that your mind is as prepared as your body to make that jump to the next level.

From our Combine experts...

Dr. Angus Mugford, Director of Personal/Organizational Performance - The world’s best athletes are intrinsically motivated, but Mugford finds ways to drive performance to new heights. From confidence to concentration, Mugford teaches athletes how to gain a mental edge on the competition. The foundational training methodology of IMG Academy, IGNITE360, was also developed under Mugford's leadership.

Justin Su'a, Head of Mental Conditioning - Su'a came to IMG Academy in 2013 and brought with him a wealth of experience. He and the mental conditioning team are dedicated to helping those they work with reach peak performance by honing the power of the mind. He is a superstar in the field having trained clients from the NFL, Dancing with the Stars, Division 1 universities, as well as members of the U.S. military.

Undergo a program that is similar to weight training, as the eye muscles are overloaded and trained to become more enduring. This enhances effective communication and processing speeds within the brain, leading to faster motor responses (reaction speed). Our unique vision training program prepares you for the speed of play at the next level.

From our Combine experts...

David DaSilva, Mental/Vision Coach - The muscles in the eyes need to be trained just as hard as the muscles in the rest of the body. DaSilva understands what it takes to improve visual acuity on a sport-specific and position-specific basis, making it easier to transition to the increased speed of the NFL.

Character has become more of a focus for NFL scouts. Prepare to maximize opportunities with the media, successfully conduct yourself in interviews and within social media, and handle yourself powerfully and effectively in every type of setting. The NFL Combine is as much about poise and composure as it is about hustle and athleticism.

From our Combine experts...

Nonalee Davis, Head of Leadership - Davis has a dynamic and effective demeanor, stemming from her time as a stuntwoman, performer, writer, and director. She has been all over the country teaching about personal presence, voice, and improvisation. With the whirlwind nature of pro football, Davis will drive trainees to improve confidence, social skills, and awareness in order to effectively handle the damands of life in the NFL.

Identify and address nutritional requirements and deficiencies through Gatorade Sports Science Institute testing, plus consultations with nutrition experts on topics like hydration, supplements, recovery nutrition, meal timing and more to create a customized nutritional plan to optimize performance and aid in recovery.

From our Combine experts...

Stephanie Wilson, Head of NutritionTo yield optimal results an athlete must start with optimal inputs. Wilson has vast experience assessing body composition, reviewing supplements, and analyzing diets for high-performance athletes, enabling them to get the most out of their bodies when they really need it.

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