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Therabody - Recovery Reimagined™

Therabody has teamed up with IMG Academy as their official recovery partner, creating an engaging experience from education to product integration across the campus and its entire community of athletes, coaches and trainers. We’re bringing a deeper value by embedding our research, education and innovation into the academy’s already highly-acclaimed education and training programs.


Global Innovator

Therabody is the global innovator of tech wellness and the creator of the world’s first-ever percussive therapy device, Theragun®, which is used to accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve athletic performance. Since their launch in 2016, they evolved from Theragun to Therabody, an entire ecosystem of industry-leading wellness content, products and services. Therabody’s solutions are at the intersection of performance and pain management, rooted in research and innovation.

Empowerment through Education

Education is central to Therabody. Our Therabody app and Therabody University are part of our focus on education. Therabody University, our educational division, is led by Dr. Jason Werlsand and his network of a world-renowned team of health and fitness professionals. Therabody’s smart devices seamlessly integrate via Bluetooth with the Therabody App, providing users with access to personalized, guided protocols and programs. Therabody’s solutions are relied on by more than 250 professional athletes and teams across the globe.

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