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Learning Resource Center

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IMG Academy student-athletes work hard all the time. They work hard on the field, on the court or course, in the weight room and in the classroom. With all of these demands and commitments, we recognize that keeping a balance can be challenging. Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides our students with that extra push if these demands start to interfere with academic studies.

The LRC program is designed to fit any student's needs. We offer ongoing support to develop academic skills and strategy, and one-on-one assistance to target and resolve learning issues. The LRC is managed by a team of six faculty who specialize in a variety of subjects and disciplines, which permits the team to work with the diverse population of students supported in the program. Students can enroll in the LRC program in elementary, middle and high school, and receive learning help based on their personal needs.

learning resource center

Many students in the LRC dedicate specific time each school day to receive assistance, and focus on homework, exam prep and executive functioning skills (planning and prioritizing, organization and time management). Parents, coaches and mentors of students enrolled in the LRC will receive biweekly updates about the student's academic progress.

“The LRC really helped with (my son's) development. His grades are so much better than his previous school. He just feels more supported at IMG.”
Nancy D., IMG Academy Parent
“The evening study hall program has allowed me to focus on my academics and improve my grades.”
Warne L., IMG Academy student-athlete

learning resource center

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learning resource center

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