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Explore IMG Academy's campus through the interactive map below. Learn more about our Academic and Athletic Facilities. Take a virtual tour of our on-campus dorms, recreational area, and campus center. Browse our sports facilities including: baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Discover The Legacy Hotel and IMG Academy Golf Course located conveniently just beyond our front gates.


Student-Athlete Success

Jarace W.
From IMG Academy to the NBA

Back where it all began - Join IMG Academy alumnus and 8th overall 2023 NBA Draft Pick, Jarace Walker, as he visits campus and recounts how much of an impact his experiences in Bradenton had on his future success. Hear from him about what makes IMG Academy a special place and how it played a vital role in his journey to becoming a first-round NBA Draft.

Christian C. and Easton M. - Middle School Lacrosse at IMG Academy

Hear from two student-athletes about how IMG Academy's lacrosse program is different from any other boarding school program. 6th grader Christian Caldroney and 7th grader Easton Miller speak about how IMG's ideal platform is already preparing them for the next level even before they are in high school.

Gabby A. (Class of 2022)

There's a difference between being ready and being prepared for the next level. Gabby, IMG Academy graduate and Harvard commit, and her mother, Celia, reflect on how the experiences, relationships, and growth opportunities available on campus have prepared her for her next steps in Boston. "I just think IMG [Academy] grew her up a little bit. She was able to be exposed to a different level, a different standard of excellence. I just feel like the values here at IMG [Academy] match what we have in our home… it was just nice to find a place who mirrored what I taught in my home.”

Michelle & Lexie C. (Class of 2020 & 2022)

While reflecting on their time at IMG Academy with their mother, Michelle, these sisters both experienced life-changing opportunities, created lifelong relationships, and felt undeniable support from the diverse community within the Academy. "It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience, and it’s nothing you’ll get anywhere else. It is something you can only experience here at IMG [Academy].”

Jaden H. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Jaden (Class of 2021, 3-year IMG Academy student-athlete) & Julie H. were slightly hesitant at first to join the IMG Academy family all the way from Canada, but they both recognize the unquestionable difference it's made in their lives.

Myles K. 2-Year Student-Athlete

Tanneshia, & Collis K. see just how powerful and meaningful the transition from Atlanta to Bradenton has been for their son, Myles (Class of 2024, 2-year IMG Academy student-athlete).

Kennedy H. 5-Year Student-Athlete

As a recent graduate of IMG Academy, Kennedy (Class of 2021, 5-year IMG Academy student-athlete) & Sheri H. look back at their time as a part of the IMG Academy community, including how her experience has molded her future, as well as which types of students truly thrive in this atmosphere.

Ryan S. 4-Year Student-Athlete

Although Ryan S. (Class of 2022, 4-year IMG Academy student-athlete) & Terri V. already lived locally in Sarasota, they talk about just how strong of a community there is at IMG Academy in Bradenton and how much it's made a difference in their lives.

Ava K. (Class of 2024)

Determination, passion, and perseverance are essential when competing at a high academic and athletic level. For senior Lacrosse student-athlete, Ava Kitt, signing day marked the realization of a dream as she decided to begin her next chapter at Maryland University. Hear from her about the support she received during her years of development at IMG Academy and her excitement as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her career.

Darnell Jr. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Darnell Jr. (Class of 2023, 3-year IMG Academy student-athlete), Darnell Sr., & Maria P., an IMG Academy family from Virginia, discuss how their son's experience in Bradenton has truly been priceless. "He's grown in every aspect...[these] are experiences he will hold on to for the rest of his life."

Student-Athlete Experience

Commitment Ceremony

Each IMG Academy student-athlete comes through the campus gates from a different background, from unique upbringings, and with varying skill levels. However, they all have one attribute in common: dedication. IMG Academy's 2023 Commitment Ceremony recognizes each senior and post-graduate as they proudly display the outcome of their dedication to themselves, their teammates, and their academics throughout their journey.

IMG Academy Graduation 2023

Presenting IMG Academy's Class of 2023 - From moving the tassel to embracing friends and family to looking back on their incredible accomplishments and growth, this group of Ascenders is headed to the next level! Check out what Graduation looked like in Bradenton, FL with IMG Academy.

Week of Welcome

As the 2023-2024 first semester begins, our student-athletes are ready to conquer new heights both academically and athletically, all while creating unforgettable memories. Get a glimpse inside the first week on campus before classes, practice and competition begin. We have a good feeling about the year ahead!

IMG Academy Hosts Fall On-Campus College Fair

IMG Academy student-athletes recently had access to more than 70 top nationwide colleges and universities during the second on-campus college fair held in 2023. More than 600 families and student-athletes attended and received invaluable insight and exposure into academic majors, minors, and additional programs at several public, private, and specialized institutions. IMG Academy continues to offer unmatched resources to support each individual’s unique journey towards the next level! Watch this video to see the top moments and hear from Dr. Michael Lehan, Senior Vice President, and Head of School at IMG Academy, on what makes IMG Academy's College Fair standout from other schools across the country.

Winter Wonderland

Embracing the magic of winter in sunny Florida, we transformed our campus into a Winter Wonderland! The air was filled with excitement as student-athletes enjoyed snowy slopes on tubes, taking enchanting train rides around the courtyard, and needs a verb here to make it make sense delicious s'mores by the cozy fire pits. Here's a recap of the unforgettable memories.

Dunks After Dark

Dunks After Dark has become an annual tradition. The true purpose of the event is to celebrate our basketball student-athletes.

Home Away from Home

Na-Hyun "Lily" Back, a 10th-grade student-athlete from South Korea, faced the challenge of leaving her family and home to pursue her dreams at IMG Academy. Despite the language barrier, her determination to elevate her game and strive for her highest potential drove her to overcome this obstacle and master a second language. Throughout her journey, she acquired the skills to communicate confidently in English, train with industry leaders, and connect with a diverse community of student-athletes, paving the way for her success and growth in her athletic pursuits.

Voices of Diversity and Tradition

During a discussion about cultural diversity and preservation at IMG Academy, student-athletes and leaders emphasized the importance of embracing one's heritage, honoring traditions and celebrating their cultural heritage on campus. Hear directly from these individuals representing the Black Student Union about their thoughts on community, self-expression, and more.


What Separates the Good from the Great? | IMG Academy Golf

No matter how many practice drives you take or how many rounds you have played, there's no substitute for a strong mental game. Whether it's moments before the decisive shot in a tournament or during a routine swing, having positive self talk and the strongest mental aptitude on the course can be the key to getting where you want to be.

Throwing Away the Limits: Kosi Umerah | IMG Academy Track & Field

An athlete can be talented, but that can only take you so far. When Kosi Umerah started training with Mark Stephens, IMG Academy track & field throws coach, after attending a camp program, she had no idea that she'd be calling herself a National Champion with under a year of experience under her belt. Now, the sky's the limit for this Vanderbilt commit originally from Nigeria. Her mindset and confidence have been crucial to her success, and IMG Academy mental Coach Markus Hawkins has played a key role in her journey.

Pursuing of the 1% | IMG Academy Basketball

There's only so much a player can learn on the court, but when that development is combined with personal growth, she's nearly unstoppable. Meet Kailyn Gilbert, IMG Academy basketball senior guard and University of Arizona commit. She began working closely with IMG Head of Mental Conditioning Lindsey Hamilton as a part of the program's methodology, and her mindset shifted instantly.

5 Years Later: Ryan Sforzo | IMG Academy Lacrosse

Five years of dedication and discipline have taken Ryan Sforzo from being an aspirational eighth grader to now being a Notre Dame lacrosse commit and Harvard Book Award recipient. Follow this senior through a day in the life of a student-athlete at IMG Academy, and see what he believes has prepared him for his next steps.

Three Years in the Making: Davion Hickson | IMG Academy Baseball

When it comes down to committing to the next level, it's all about the support you have, your friends and family celebrating with you, and the confidence that you're equipped for the next level. For senior baseball student-athlete and pitcher, Davion Hickson, he decided that Florida State University was the best fit for him three years ago, and this November he made that commitment official.

Reflecting on His Journey: Top Nidunjianzan | IMG Academy Tennis

Top ventured from Tibet, China to Bradenton, FL as a young tennis player knowing minimal English. Eight years later, and he's preparing to head to Princeton University while exuding the confidence and preparation that IMG Academy's tennis coaches, ESL teachers, and staff instilled in him throughout his experience on campus. Even before he was competing in ATP or high-level ITF tournaments, his father told him that his main focus should be on academics, as that would ultimately impact his success on the court. Looking back at his advice, Top now understands that his dedication in the classroom has guided him to reach this point. Hear from Top as well as his coach and English teacher about his journey at IMG Academy.

Chloe Shimkin
Dreams Turned Reality

Signing day marked a dream come true for senior soccer student-athlete, Chloe Shimkin, as she committed to the University of Texas to continue excelling in her game! Hear from Chloe as she emphasizes the importance of feeling your best to play your best, crediting her athletic and academic growth to the resources and supportive coaches at IMG Academy. This experience not only enhanced her game and skills but also created an unforgettable journey for her.

From IMG Academy to Yale: Joshua Tarver | IMG Academy Football

Joshua Tarver is a student in the classroom and on the field. Originally from Houston, this senior student-athlete's mindset in Bradenton was to place an emphasis on his academics while pursuing the dream of playing collegiate football. Now committed to an Ivy League university, Tarver has been able to recognize his potential as a WR while excelling in challenging Honors courses at IMG Academy.

Hailee Mack | Digging Her Way To Vandy

Hailee Mack, a senior student-athlete from Louisville, Kentucky, has committed to Vanderbilt University to pursue her dream of achieving her full potential. Thanks to IMG Academy, she has had the opportunity to live and train with other dedicated athletes, access top-notch facilities, and receive personalized training to help her achieve her athletic goals. Listen to Hailee as she shares her experience of how these resources have been instrumental in her development and preparation for her journey toward success!

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