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Take a tour of our Bradenton, Florida campus. Hear from our campus leaders and subject matter experts just as you would on an in-person tour.

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IMG Academy Campus Map

Explore IMG Academy's campus through the interactive map below. Learn more about our Academic or Performance Center. Take a virtual tour of our 3 on-campus dorms and recreational area. Browse our sports facilities including: baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track and field. For parents, check out Legacy Hotel located conveniently just beyond our front gates.


Student-Athlete Success

Gabby A. (Class of 2022)

There's a difference between being ready and being prepared for the next level. Gabby, IMG Academy graduate and Harvard commit, and her mother, Celia, reflect on how the experiences, relationships, and growth opportunities available on campus have prepared her for her next steps in Boston. "I just think IMG grew her up a little bit. She was able to be exposed to a different level, a different standard of excellence. I just feel like the values here at IMG match what we have in our home… it was just nice to find a place who mirrored what I taught in my home.”

Michelle & Lexie C. (Class of 2020 & 2022)

While reflecting on their time at IMG with their mother, Michelle, these sisters both experienced life-changing opportunities, created lifelong relationships, and felt undeniable support from the diverse community within the Academy. "It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience, and it’s nothing you’ll get anywhere else. It is something you can only experience here at IMG.”

Jaden H. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Jaden (Class of 2021, 3-year IMG student-athlete) & Julie H. were slightly hesitant at first to join the IMG Academy family all the way from Canada, but they both recognize the unquestionable difference it's made in their lives.

Myles K. 2-Year Student-Athlete

Tanneshia, & Collis K. see just how powerful and meaningful the transition from Atlanta to Bradenton has been for their son, Myles (Class of 2024, 2-year IMG student-athlete).

Kennedy H. 5-Year Student-Athlete

As a recent graduate of IMG, Kennedy (Class of 2021, 5-year IMG student-athlete) & Sheri H. look back at their time as a part of the IMG community, including how her experience has molded her future, as well as which types of students truly thrive in this atmosphere.

Ryan S. 4-Year Student-Athlete

Although Ryan S. (Class of 2022, 4-year IMG student-athlete) & Terri V. already lived locally in Sarasota, they talk about just how strong of a community there is at IMG Academy in Bradenton and how much it's made a difference in their lives.

Gabriel P. 1-Year Student-Athlete

Gabriel (Class of 2024), Jose, & Andrea P. have an incredible bond, and this family from Guatemala speaks to their son's opportunities, development, and his new community at IMG Academy.

Darnell Jr. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Darnell Jr. (Class of 2023, 3-year IMG student-athlete), Darnell Sr., & Maria P., an IMG Academy family from Virginia, discuss how their son's experience in Bradenton has truly been priceless. "He's grown in every aspect...[these] are experiences he will hold on to for the rest of his life."

Student-Athlete Experience

Week of Welcome

The dorms are full, the notebooks are fresh, and campus is buzzing - the 2022-2023 academic year is officially here! Get a glimpse inside our student-athletes' first week on campus before classes, practice and competition begin. We have a good feeling about the year ahead!

IMG Academy Graduation 2022

"We did this." Everyone dreams about the day, many attempt to get there, but only some actually make it happen. From newly-enrolled individuals to IMG Academy student-athletes to Ascender graduates, this group of over 350 student-athletes crossed the stage during Graduation and took the next step in becoming tomorrow's leaders. How did they make it happen? With the support of their family, their community, and their teammates turned lifelong friendships. Proud doesn't even begin to describe this feeling.

Commitment Ceremony

Each IMG student-athlete comes through the campus gates from a different background, from unique upbringings, and with varying skill levels. However, they all have one attribute in common: dedication. IMG Academy's 2022 Commitment Ceremony recognizes each senior and post-graduate as they proudly display the outcome of their dedication to themselves, their teammates, and their academics throughout their journey.

Winter Wonderland

Tis the season at IMG Academy! Experience a Winter Wonderland right from campus – complete with snow in the heart of our residential area, winter treats, a sleigh ride, photo booth, and more!


It's not always about workouts, competition, and studying at IMG Academy. Our student-athletes traded in their jerseys and uniforms for dresses, suits, and spiffy shoes and hit the the dance floor in style.

Women In Sports Committee

Cari Champion, Dany Garcia, Lindsay Davenport, Lindsey Vonn, Michele Tafoya, and Robin Roberts all have two things in common: they're members of IMG Academy's Women in Sports Committee, and they're passionate about paving a future for female student-athletes. Six individuals were recently selected as part of the inaugural scholarship class, representing IMG's golf, track & field, tennis, and basketball programs.


What Separates the Good from the Great? | IMG Academy Golf

No matter how many practice drives you take or how many rounds you have played, there's no substitute for a strong mental game. Whether it's moments before the decisive shot in a tournament or during a routine swing, having positive self talk and the strongest mental aptitude on the course can be the key to getting where you want to be.

Throwing Away the Limits: Kosi Umerah | IMG Academy Track & Field

An athlete can be talented, but that can only take you so far. When Kosi Umerah started training with Mark Stephens, IMG Academy track & field throws coach, after attending a camp program, she had no idea that she'd be calling herself a National Champion with under a year of experience under her belt. Now, the sky's the limit for this Vanderbilt commit originally from Nigeria. Her mindset and confidence have been crucial to her success, and IMG mental Coach Markus Hawkins has played a key role in her journey.

Pursuing of the 1% | IMG Academy Basketball

There's only so much a player can learn on the court, but when that development is combined with personal growth, she's nearly unstoppable. Meet Kailyn Gilbert, IMG basketball senior guard and University of Arizona commit. She began working closely with IMG Head of Mental Conditioning Lindsey Hamilton as a part of the program's methodology, and her mindset shifted instantly.

5 Years Later: Ryan Sforzo | IMG Academy Lacrosse

Five years of dedication and discipline have taken Ryan Sforzo from being an aspirational eighth grader to now being a Notre Dame lacrosse commit and Harvard Book Award recipient. Follow this senior through a day in the life of a student-athlete at IMG, and see what he believes has prepared him for his next steps.

Three Years in the Making: Davion Hickson | IMG Academy Baseball

When it comes down to committing to the next level, it's all about the support you have, your friends and family celebrating with you, and the confidence that you're equipped for the next level. For senior baseball student-athlete and pitcher, Davion Hickson, he decided that Florida State University was the best fit for him three years ago, and this November he made that commitment official.

Reflecting on His Journey: Top Nidunjianzan | IMG Academy Tennis

Top ventured from Tibet, China to Bradenton, FL as a young tennis player knowing minimal English. Eight years later, and he's preparing to head to Princeton University while exuding the confidence and preparation that IMG's tennis coaches, ESL teachers, and staff instilled in him throughout his experience on campus. Even before he was competing in ATP or high-level ITF tournaments, his father told him that his main focus should be on academics, as that would ultimately impact his success on the court. Looking back at his advice, Top now understands that his dedication in the classroom has guided him to reach this point. Hear from Top as well as his coach and English teacher about his journey at IMG.

From High School Goalkeeper to SEC Champion: Lindsey Romig | IMG Academy Soccer

Lindsey Romig guided the women's soccer team at Tennessee to the 2021 SEC Championship, but her position on the field as both a goalkeeper and as a leader didn't just happen by chance. Romig's prior experiences, support system, and confident outlook ultimately stem from her three years as an IMG Academy soccer student-athlete. While she pursued her dreams on her own, Romig explains how her time in Bradenton ultimately impacted her future.

From IMG Academy to Yale: Joshua Tarver | IMG Academy Football

Joshua Tarver is a student in the classroom and on the field. Originally from Houston, this senior student-athlete's mindset in Bradenton was to place an emphasis on his academics while pursuing the dream of playing collegiate football. Now committed to an Ivy League university, Tarver has been able to recognize his potential as a WR while excelling in challenging Honors courses at IMG Academy.