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Welcome to IMG Academy's Boarding School

Take a tour of our Bradenton, Florida campus. Hear from our campus leaders and subject matter experts just as you would on an in-person tour.

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Academic Success

Academics Overview

Chris Locke, Head of School, discusses all aspects of the IMG academic methodology and delivery and what makes IMG the best option for student-athletes.

Admissions Overview

Jeff Holbrook, Director of Admissions, shares what IMG looks for when evaluating student applications for acceptance, what types of students are successful at IMG and more.

Post-Graduate Program

What is a post-grad year (sometimes referenced as a “gap year”) and why would it benefit someone? Watch this webinar to find out.

College Placement

How does IMG annually place student-athletes at top academic and athletic institutions? How has COVID-19 impacted college recruitment? Watch this college placement webinar with Scott Dean (Athletics Director) and Chris Locke (Head of School) to find out.


Football Program Overview

Watch Kyle Brey (Head Coach, Varsity Team) and George Hegamin (Head Coach, Post-Grad Team) discuss what makes IMG Academy’s football program the nation’s best at developing student-athletes.

Baseball Program Overview

Dan Simonds, Director of the IMG Academy baseball program (2019 national champions), breaks down the program’s coaching expertise, teams and overall methodology.

Tennis Program Overview

It’s the original tennis academy and still the best tennis program in the world. Jimmy Arias (tennis director and former world #5 player), Weylu Cheng (head of male tennis) and Margie Zesinger (head of female tennis) discuss the evolution of IMG’s tennis program.

Soccer Program Overview

As a member of the nation’s most prestigious club soccer leagues, IMG’s boys and girls soccer program annually places players at top colleges and on youth national teams. Watch to learn more about the program.

Basketball Program Overview

The IMG Academy basketball program has a national championship and 7 McDonald’s All-Americans since 2017, but did you know the program has several boys and girls teams from middle school to post-grad? Watch to learn more about the program.

Student-Athlete Success

Gabby A. (Class of 2022)

There's a difference between being ready and being prepared for the next level. Gabby, IMG Academy graduate and Harvard commit, and her mother, Celia, reflect on how the experiences, relationships, and growth opportunities available on campus have prepared her for her next steps in Boston. "I just think IMG grew her up a little bit. She was able to be exposed to a different level, a different standard of excellence. I just feel like the values here at IMG match what we have in our home… it was just nice to find a place who mirrored what I taught in my home.”

Michelle & Lexie C. (Class of 2020 & 2022)

While reflecting on their time at IMG with their mother, Michelle, these sisters both experienced life-changing opportunities, created lifelong relationships, and felt undeniable support from the diverse community within the Academy. "It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience, and it’s nothing you’ll get anywhere else. It is something you can only experience here at IMG.”

Jaden H. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Jaden (Class of 2021, 3-year IMG student-athlete) & Julie H. were slightly hesitant at first to join the IMG Academy family all the way from Canada, but they both recognize the unquestionable difference it's made in their lives.

Myles K. 2-Year Student-Athlete

Tanneshia, & Collis K. see just how powerful and meaningful the transition from Atlanta to Bradenton has been for their son, Myles (Class of 2024, 2-year IMG student-athlete).

Kennedy H. 5-Year Student-Athlete

As a recent graduate of IMG, Kennedy (Class of 2021, 5-year IMG student-athlete) & Sheri H. look back at their time as a part of the IMG community, including how her experience has molded her future, as well as which types of students truly thrive in this atmosphere.

Ryan S. 4-Year Student-Athlete

Although Ryan S. (Class of 2022, 4-year IMG student-athlete) & Terri V. already lived locally in Sarasota, they talk about just how strong of a community there is at IMG Academy in Bradenton and how much it's made a difference in their lives.

Gabriel P. 1-Year Student-Athlete

Gabriel (Class of 2024), Jose, & Andrea P. have an incredible bond, and this family from Guatemala speaks to their son's opportunities, development, and his new community at IMG Academy.

Darnell Jr. 3-Year Student-Athlete

Darnell Jr. (Class of 2023, 3-year IMG student-athlete), Darnell Sr., & Maria P., an IMG Academy family from Virginia, discuss how their son's experience in Bradenton has truly been priceless. "He's grown in every aspect...[these] are experiences he will hold on to for the rest of his life."

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