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Post-Graduate Program

Post-Graduate Program

Broaden your college aspirations.

post graduate programs

As the college admission process intensifies with the passing of each academic year, student-athletes from around the world are looking for new ways to increase their probability of getting admitted into the college of their choice. 

Our post-graduate program at IMG Academy offers student-athletes a unique opportunity to enhance their overall academic, athletic and personal standing with top college coaches and programs by offering a rigorous load of academic classes while participating in one of our sport programs, with SAT/ACT prep courses available.  Each student-athlete’s objectives and goals are different and our dedicated staff of teachers, counselors, coaches and performance specialists will work diligently with them to make sure their individual needs are met.

Our Post-Graduate Offerings

In addition to participating in sport programs, student-athletes can choose between three academic program offerings depending on their individual goals and needs.

Academic English Year

Transitioning into American culture and the U.S. education system for an international student can be a challenging and unfamiliar experience. To make sure your move is a successful one, our Academic English offering is a perfect solution for students looking to improve academic reading and writing in English and preparing for their TOEFL exam.

DID YOU KNOW? IMG Academy is home to one of the most diverse campuses on the planet, with our student-athletes representing more than 80 countries from around the world

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High School Year

Our High School Year offering is specifically designed for student-athletes looking to improve their academic profile while continuing athletic development before enrolling in college.

Students will participate in a academically challenging course schedule, including honors and AP, while receiving additional SAT/ACT support to help improve test results. This offering is open to international students with an F-1 student visa and is a preferred option for student-athletes looking to attend a prestigious academic university

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University Year

Enhance your overall academic profile and athletic ability without hindering your NCAA eligibility through our University Year offering. 

IMG Academy enables student-athletes to receive college credit by enrolling in courses through our partnership with the University of South Florida. All courses offered are easily transferred and satisfy the requirements at most U.S. colleges and universities

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Gain confidence, maturity and time

Eight reasons to attend our Post-Graduate program:

Enhance your Academic Standing 

Get a jump on your collegiate coursework, improve your transcript and/or upgrade your SAT/ACT performance scores

post graduate programs

Sport-specific Training 

Train and compete at the highest level where the best in the world come to train. Led by our team of expert coaches consisting of former collegiate and professional players and coaches, receive sport-specific instruction daily to help refine your skill set for the next level

Athletic & Personal Development

Utilizing a revolutionary training curriculum that addresses all key areas of performance, our staff of performance specialists, nutritionists, and mental conditioning coaches will help you improve your overall strength, sport specific functional movement, personal character, leadership skills and more. Experience a personal evolution.

post graduate program

Experience College Life 

Learn how to balance academic, athletic and personal responsibilities and become self-reliant while living away from the normalcies of home

Get Noticed

As the world’s premier destination for sports training, IMG Academy is a magnet for college coaches year round. Competitive schedules against top tier programs around the country allow for multiple opportunities to be seen by coaches and scouts at home and on the road.

NCAA Eligibility

Participation in a post-graduate year, whether it’s focused on academic and/or athletic improvement does not affect your four-year NCAA eligibility* (tennis is an exception)

post graduate programs

Your College. Your Choice!

Post-graduate programs allow student-athletes a second chance at the college admissions process with individualized attention from our faculty and counselors dedicated in finding the right school for you

Recommended by College Admissions, Coaches and Scouts


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