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boarding elementary school

At IMG Academy, we understand the importance that education and behavioral development play in the future success of your child’s growth. During the formative years of primary education, children begin to form their own sense of identity, as they become more self-aware and independent, learning how to formulate ideas of their own, while developing social skills through peer and teacher interactions.


The faculty at the IMG Academy Elementary School use a balanced literacy approach throughout the curriculum, with carefully selected text series ensuring all core requirements are met for each grade-level in each unit for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. With a classroom size less than 15 students per room, teachers are able to combine interactive projects with our structured core curriculum to help enhance our students overall engagement and retention.

Within this core text curriculum, the elementary team takes an exciting project-based learning approach to enhance the learning experience and better meet the critical thinking objectives of the Common

Core standards for Reading and Math, and the Florida Sunshine Standards for Science and Social Studies.

For assessment purposes, student portfolios are kept throughout the year to track each student’s progress. We also use the standardized MAP test, which is administered in the fall and at the end of spring. Consistent review of portfolios and test scores allow elementary teachers to evaluate student progress and curriculum effectiveness. Children who excel in one or multiple subject matters have the opportunity to test out of their current grade level for advanced placement and will be monitored by our teaching staff to make sure their transition is successful.

We are constantly impressed with the level of enthusiasm and energy the teachers bring to class each day, and enjoy the special projects the children are involved with, from building a roller coaster model in science, to creating book reports, or writing essays to the semi-annual musical/cultural performances. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our children and enjoy watching them grow and learn in such a thoughtful, culturally diverse and motivating environment.
-Parent of IMG Academy elementary student

boarding elementary school

Learning Environment

Small class sizes allow for enhancement of each student's learning and development. Our dedicated and supportive elementary school teachers create a dynamic, stimulating, and enriching learning environment while attending to the individual needs of each student. 

In addition, the Seven Essential Skills and Capacities crucial to the 21st Centrury Learner, as identified by the National Association of Independent Schools, are weaved through all of the elementary school program's lessons.

Accommodations are made for students who need additional help through the classroom teach in partnership with ESL teachers.

Daily Schedule

Our students will learn from a departmentalized teaching staff that specializes in a specific subject matter (Math, Reading/Language, Science, and Social Studies) to help provide a more stimulating and customized learning experience. 

A Project-Based Learning Example

A project-based learning approach is an important element to our core curriculum. It creates an engaging learning environment for our students to apply information learned in the classroom to a hands-on, real-time application, where problem solving and critical thinking skills are utilized.

The Stock Market Game, sponsored by The SIFMA Foundation, allows students to invest a simulated $100,000 into the New York Stock exchange, where they compete with students from around the state to earn the best rate of return. When students participate in The Stock Market Game, they are participating in a real-world situation, where they practice skills and curriculum taught in Math, English, Language Arts, Economics, Social Studies, and other subjects.

Most importantly, The Stock Market Game helps students develop positive money habits and prepare for the future. Our very own Connor McLeod, a 5th grade student-athlete, won first place in the elementary division for the state of Florida.

boarding elementary school

Additional Programs

In addition to the main subject areas covered in our classrooms, we offer the following:

  • Weekly specials – Art, Technology, Spanish, Physical Education, and Music
  • Monthly field trips coordinated with the Science curriculum
  • Play Writing in coordination with Florida Studio Theater
  • Organic Gardening
  • Micro-community Studies
  • Community Service Projects

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boarding elementary school

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