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Track and Field Camps

running campsRunning camps at the IMG Academy feature both track & field camps and cross country camps and are directed by Loren Seagrave, one of the most successful coaches in the world of track and field. The track & field and cross country program applies a science based training methodology to maximize effectiveness in all track & field events and cross country. Camps are personalized based on age (13-19) appropriate programming, skill level and track & field event.

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soccer camps





How You'll Improve:

Learn start and acceleration technique, maximum velocity sprint mechanics, relay exchange work and Olympic lifting and technique to enhance strength and power.

Hurdles (100/110m and 300 and 400m)
Master start to the 1st hurdle, proper hurdle technique into, over and off the hurdle, rhythm endurance, and more. Long hurdlers will perfect lead leg alternation, race modeling strategy and tactics. Receive instruction in Olympic lifting and technique to enhance strength and power 

Learn sprint mechanics, approach, preparation for take-off, take off, flight phase, and landing technique.  Receive instruction in Olympic lifting and technique to enhance strength and power, with an emphasis on reactive strength through plyometrics. 

Maximize throwing technique to achieve proper summation of forces by using legs, staying low, staying back, and accelerating into the finish. Learn the difference between strength, power and reactive strength. Receive instruction in all the throwing events.  Develop superior weight room technique with the Olympic lifts and reactive strength.

Focus of camp is not on training volume, but instead on  learning the proper mechanics and how to reprogram the nervous system to enhance running economy and reduce oxygen consumption. Learn Proper distance training techniques to prevent injury.

Facility Highlights:

  • running camps facilitiesNew state-of-the-art stadium featuring:  an 8-lane, 400m track, 2 pole vault runways with international-level landing mats, 2 long and triple jump runways  allowing for 58 meters respectively, and dedicated long throws area with multiple circles and cages with several shot circles.  
  • 55m sprint grid and turf track used for high speed video analysis for start and acceleration
  • 10,000 square-foot weight room
  • Covered turf facility for speed and movement
  • Athletic Training Room and Sports Therapy Room


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