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B1/B2 Tourist Visa Information

The U.S. tourist visa, otherwise known as the B1/B2 visa, is specifically for persons wishing to enter the United States for business, pleasure, tourism, or medical needs. 

This visa is appropriate for:

  • Athletes participating in IMG Academy sport program with no academic component
  • Parents of academy students
  • Camp participants and general tourists who wish to visit IMG Academy without enrolling in a full-time program
  • Parents of student-athletes are not eligible to “use” their child’s F-1 visa to enter the USA.

Applying for a Tourist Visa
Each individual applying for a tourist visa must submit the following documentation their local Embassy:

  1. The DS-160, online application for nonimmigrant visa;  
  2. A passport valid for at least 6 months after the applicant’s intended period of stay; and 
  3. One 2x2 photograph.  
  4. Required visa application and issuance fee.

Requesting a Letter of Support for Tourist Visa

If you are the parent of a student attending IMG Academy, we can issue you a letter stating your child’s name and dates of enrollment in order to support your case at the Embassy. To request a letter:

  • Please email a copy of your passport picture page to Aga Cram at and let us know your reservation dates at IMG Academy
  • Please allow 3 business days for the letter. The letter will be emailed as a color PDF that you can print out and take to the Embassy.

If you are a visitor (camp participants included) and you have already made a reservation and deposit with IMG Academy, we can issue a letter stating your name, the dates of your reservation and an explanation what the participant will be doing at IMG Academy. 

  • You must submit this request to Aga Cram at Please allow three business days for the letter. The letter will be emailed as a color PDF that you can print out and take to the Embassy. 

IMG Academy can issue factual letters but cannot go into details regarding your character or your intentions in the U.S. However, we will do our best to guide you through the Embassy process and to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact with any concerns or questions. If your visa is denied, please contact us if you plan to re-apply so we can discuss any specific Embassy situations.

us tourist visa

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us tourist visa

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