This is sports education

Consider this: 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs once played sports, and 52% of women in Fortune 500 C-suite positions played college athletics. At IMG Academy, we believe sports, along with academics and personal development, all play an equally critical role in helping a child meet their ultimate potential. Our cutting-edge approach to purposeful and holistic development is unmatched for placing student-athletes on college rosters and preparing them for long-term success in life.

One campus. Boundless potential.

When dedicated and passionate student-athletes join with expert teachers and coaches, you find a truly one-of-a-kind environment for growth. IMG Academy's on-campus community supports each student-athlete's goals, creating an environment supported by a 4:1 staff-to-student ratio. From the 2022-2023 school year

  • 100percent college acceptance rate
  • 21student admissions to US News Top-100 Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities
  • 265student-athletes committed to Division I, II and III and NAIA programs
  • 6student commitments to Ivy League schools
  • 77AP Scholars
  • 71countries represented

Hear from Student-Athletes and their Families

"We both expected IMG [Academy] to push me as an athlete and as a student, but I don't think we expected there to be this support system that there is in place here."

- Ryan S. (Class of 2022) - Notre Dame Commit

Hear from Ryan S. and his mother on how the IMG Academy community made all the difference in his development.

The IMG Academy Difference

At IMG Academy, student-athletes have the freedom to be “more.” More than just a student. More than just an athlete. With an integrated approach to academics, athletics and personal development, IMG Academy allows student-athletes to explore their passions without sacrificing one for another. Our community of teachers, coaches, specialists and staff demonstrate unmatched expertise in their fields, yet work as one with the unified goal of creating an environment where student-athletes thrive. Despite hailing from diverse backgrounds, our community of student-athletes shares a bond of dedication and an unwavering belief that galvanizes and creates ties that endure for life.

Passionate student-athletes eager to develop and improve won’t find a better place in the world to cultivate their dreams than at IMG Academy.


For student-athletes to thrive in 21st century college classrooms and beyond, they must be equipped with a skill set that embodies the mandates of a changing world. IMG Academy employs best practices that reflect current effective learning research through the strategic integration of information literacy and an instruction and curriculum plan that dictates the inclusion of complex, rigorous thinking tasks.


This is where dreams and potential become reality. With teams and competitive levels ranging from middle school to those competing nationally and internationally across 15 sports, IMG Academy has a proven reputation across 40+ years for helping student-athletes become an overall improved athlete, more skilled and ready to compete at the next level.

Personal Development

So-called “intangible” skills like leadership, communication, dealing with adversity, confidence and focus are critical to success in all aspects of life. But how frequently are student-athletes purposefully and intentionally taught how to improve these skills? At IMG Academy, we have 100+ coaches with education and experience in all facets of personal development, with specific classes and training programs implemented as part of the overall developmental experience.

Campus Experience

It’s not only about school and sports. Whether it’s unforgettable campus events or countless social clubs of varying interests, student-athletes are free to express themselves and pursue their passions. IMG Academy celebrates each individual’s unique areas of interest and provides them with platforms and resources to continue to enhance those skills outside of school and sport. They can do this all while feeling safe and encouraged on our campus with support systems in place to make IMG Academy feel like a home away from home.

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