Top-10 National Ranking in 2015, 2016, & 2017

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About Our Program

IMG Academy’s boys lacrosse rivals the nation’s best with its training methodology, the rigor of a nationally-acclaimed schedule, its college placement and planning process, and the accolades within and arising from the program. Our student-athletes graduate with the technical skills, game-level IQ, and the strategic awareness that is so essential to succeeding at the next level. With academics to match the highest level of competition, we ensure ample time both in the classroom and on the field. By training like a collegiate program, IMG Academy’s graduates enter their next arena with qualifications and a foundation built unlike anywhere else.

Program Structure

IMG Academy incorporates a year-round training regimen upon entry into the program. With elements of box lacrosse woven throughout building a skills-based foundation, these fundamentals enable the athlete to play at a much faster pace when executing various techniques at top speed and in tight quarters. With access to courses such as mental toughness, building men of character, and leadership through Athletic and Personal Development along with an expectation to thrive as an all-around athlete, our structure allows for unbounded growth as a student-athlete. Through these intricacies along with coaching from staff who have recruitment experience at the collegiate level, the boys lacrosse program propels each individual to train towards their highest potential level of play.

Varsity Schedule:

National Schedule:

Program Accomplishments

Program Accomplishments

  • Top-10 national rankings in 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Earned a spot in the GEICO Lacrosse High School Nationals in 2017
  • 14 All-Americans since 2012
  • 38 D-I commitments since 2013
  • 15 Current D-I Commits

Lacrosse Coaches & Staff

College Matriculation

Lacrosse College Matriculation

Athletic & Personal Development Training Methodology

Outwork and outlast the competition with IMG’s Physical Conditioning program. Our team of performance experts will design a program, that supplements your sports training, to help you reach your optimal physical shape.

  • Speed, Agility and Movement
  • Endurance Conditioning
  • Strength and Power
  • Flexibility, Balance and Core


IMG’s Athletic Body Management program educates and helps athletes to keep their bodies healthy during their demanding training and competition schedules. Our team of performance experts promote optimal training and help to decrease the chance of injury in our athletes.

Athletes will receive:

  • Athletic Training
  • Physical Therapy
  • Regeneration Massage
  • Corrective Exercise Work
  • Sports Therapy Evaluation
  • Education on Injury Management


At IMG Academy, we understand how important it is for athletes to fuel their bodies to meet their high-level lifestyles and sport demands. Our Nutrition program educates and provides our athletes with the right tools so that they’re ready to compete at home, or out on the road.

Athletes will be educated on:

  • Optimal Everyday Nutrition
  • Athlete Eating Plans
  • Nutrient Intake and Timing
  • Hydration Strategies
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Body Composition and Framework
  • Body Weight Issues
  • Energy Balance


Vision training is not just about seeing – it’s about doing. Athletes will train the eyes to perform more quickly and efficiently through eye muscle and visual system development.

Vision training enhances:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Reaction time
  • Depth perception
  • Vision Strength


Our Mental Conditioning program helps athletes develop a high-performance mindset to help them build the confidence, focus and determination to train and compete at their best on any given day.

Helps develop:

  • Mental Toughness
  • Awareness
  • Energy Management
  • Thought Management
  • Teamwork


IMG incorporates John Wooden’s legendary “Pyramid of Success” into our own proprietary techniques to develop leaders with better communication skills, conversational skills, accountability, character building and personal presence.

  • Effective Communication
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Media Training
  • The Power of Collaboration
  • Interview Skills
  • Building Team Culture
  • Developing Identity


IMG Academy’s College Planning and Placement department works with student-athletes, families and coaches to create and individualized roadmap for reaching their goal of studying and playing their sport at the collegiate level.

We offer:

  • College Planning
  • Application Education/Assistance
  • Athletic Recruiting
  • PSAT, SAT and ACT Prep
  • NCAA Compliance Education
  • Alumni Network and Support


With a sense of structured independence, we want to let student-athletes take ownership of their life here at IMG. While they are making these independent choices, our support team is there to provide structure and help them make the right decisions.

Student-athletes will develop:

  • Personal Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Peer-to-Peer Interactions
  • Health and Wellness
  • Career Planning
  • Adaptability
  • Organization and Time Management


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Latest News in Lacrosse

What People Are Saying About Our Program:

“I owe much of my success to the innovative education and training programs at IMG Academy. My three years at IMG contributed significantly to my development as a student, athlete, lacrosse player, and as a person. I felt unbelievably prepared when I walked on campus as a Freshman and earned a starting position on the team.”

"The 3 years at IMG were transformational for our son Ben and you all played a role in that. Ben is grateful and so is our family. As a community, you prepared him for the challenges faced by D1 student-athletes both on and off the field. Although the beautiful campus and buildings at IMG Academy  are impressive, Jane and I left our daughter Emily on Sunday night knowing that it’s the people at IMG that really make the difference."

Lacrosse FAQs

  • When does lacrosse training start?

    The moment our student-athletes arrive on campus, we start the testing and evaluation process. Once an athletic and physiological baseline is determined, performance training and lacrosse training begins. The training continues throughout the school year with periodic evaluations and assessments conducted to determined growth and progress.

  • What type of schedule do you play?

    It is our intent that each of our teams will schedule the best, most difficult competition available. We believe that competition, first and foremost, is an excellent form of player and instruction/training evaluation. Of course, our teams compete to have fun and ultimately pursue excellent performance resulting in a positive outcome.

  • Do you assist your student-athletes in college recruiting?

    Yes, college recruiting and placement is an important aspect of the IMG Academy lacrosse experience as virtually all of our athlete’s desire to play competitively at the next level. Our Lacrosse Program offers dedicated recruiting coaches who work collaboratively with the athlete, their family, college coaches, and IMG’s College Counseling Office to find the best collegiate “fit” – academically and athletically.

  • Do IMG Academy lacrosse student-athletes get recruited to DI schools?

    The overwhelming majority of our student-athletes get recruited by DI universities. On average, our lacrosse program places over 60% of its student-athletes in top DI programs with the balance of our players attending other schools that fit better academically or athletically. Our program has one of the highest DI placement rates in the United States.

  • What colleges and universities have IMG Lacrosse student-athletes attended?

    The IMG Academy Lacrosse Program has placed student-athletes in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. Institutions such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Virginia, Georgetown, Michigan, McGill, Syracuse, Albany and Marquette to name a few exemplify the caliber of student-athlete trained and developed at IMG Academy and its Lacrosse Program.