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Elijah Green's remarkable journey to the MLB began with humble beginnings in Windermere, FL, culminating in a historic draft selection.

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On July 17, 2022, recent IMG Academy baseball graduate Elijah Green made program history by being drafted fifth overall in the 2022 MLB Draft. This achievement is the culmination of years of hard work with the steadfast support from his teammates, the drive from his coaches, and the love and devotion from his family.

Elijah began his journey to the MLB at a little league ballpark in Windermere, FL. His father, former NFL star Eric Green, fondly remembers the moment that changed Elijah’s life. “His biggest thrill in baseball to this day, I still think, was made at this field,” Eric explains. “The dude hit a home run off coach pitch, and I think that he could still remember himself running around those bases.”

This memory definitely stands out in Elijah’s mind. “I remember running around the bases with a big smile on my face,” he confirms, “It was something I can’t forget.”

The years Elijah spent playing in Windermere were filled with innocence and joy, but even at an early age, his talent began to shine through. “Elijah as a child was very calm,” says Leslie Green, Elijah’s mother. “He's still a very humble kid. I don't think he actually realizes how talented he was.”



Elijah has worked hard over the years to get to this point. However, as his father explains, draft day is just the beginning. “Elijah expressed to me that he wants to be a hall of fame baseball player,” Eric says. “He's still got to continue to put the work in, and even more work, to stay on top of his game and try to be the best at it.”

Watch the video to see how Elijah’s foundation and skills has positioned him as the highest MLB draft pick in IMG baseball program history. To sign up for a baseball camp, to learn about IMG Academy's boarding school and baseball program, and more, click on the links below.

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