Mental Performance Coaching

Winning the Mental Game

Your child has practiced for hours upon hours, but are they ready for when the pressure mounts? When the intensity increases? With IMG Academy+, the online extension of IMG Academy, your child can get access to the same mental performance tools utilized by some of the world’s top athletes. With multiple program types to fit your needs and schedule, IMG Academy+ provides a foundation for success in sport and life.

“The sessions with my son have helped him to become more confident and give him a plan to mitigate negative thoughts and prepare him mentally for each game. Also the mental coach Brianna has been wonderful. She is a great listener and uses probing questions to get a deeper understanding of what my child is thinking and feeling in a given scenario. She also provides a safe and comfortable environment for him to share any vulnerabilities he has with her."

- Julie N. (Parent)

What is Mental Performance Coaching?

We know that becoming a successful student-athlete involves more than just talent and physical abilities. Our Mental Performance training equips athletes with the mindset they need to boost their confidence, sharpen their focus, and cultivate the determination to excel in their training and competition, every single day. From the car ride to the champions circle, mental performance skills are the next training component needed for your student-athlete's development journey.

Learn Skills for:

  • Understanding the power of self-talk
  • Thought regulation strategies
  • Confronting challenges
  • Building your most confident self
  • Being coachable


Choose from multiple programming options that fit the different needs and schedules of your student-athlete, including real-time personalized one-on-one coaching, group coaching and on-demand education.


Work one-on-one with an IMG Academy+ Mental Performance coach who will join you and your family throughout this development journey, helping you achieve your specific goals along the way.

IMG Academy+ Essentials

It’s time to level up your game with this membership offering unlimited access to mental performance and nutrition training, including courses, workshops, and more!


Experience even more development and training with IMG Academy Sport Camps and NCSA College Recruiting.

NCSA Memberships

Workshops from IMG Academy+ are now exclusively part of NCSA’s MVP membership. For a more personalized experience, add one-on-one coaching to any membership.

Unmatched Expertise

IMG Academy+ Mental Performance Coaches are world-class, licensed experts with unique work and educational backgrounds in adolescent sports psychology, sports science, education, and development. Rest assured, as a parent, you can trust that our dedicated coaches will provide the guidance and support needed to help your young athlete thrive both in their sport and personal growth.




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Hear From Our Families


“I love the ability to access my mental performance coach whenever I need to, and scheduling sessions is really easy. Also like the little exercises I can do on my own.”

Shelby (athlete)


“Emma has gained so much useful information and knowledge from nutrition coaching…how to change her eating habits and what she needs to fuel her body as an athlete.”

Courtney (Parent)


“We’re working on my negative self talk. Emily helps me strategize how to “fill my cup” with positive messages.

Cole (Athlete)


"IMG Academy+ is the single most important hour of my daughter’s week. She has increased her confidence, increased her resiliency, and increased her performance. For all of those reasons, and many more, IMG [Academy]+ is a must!"

– Will C. (Parent)


"My son is working with Ms. Emily W for his Mental Performance and Ms. Hannah Cooper with Nutrition. Both have been great to work with and both know their subjects very well. My son enjoys each and every session with them. Both are enthusiastic about the subjects they are coaching and has him engaged with asking questions and answering questions they ask him."

- Otto B. (Parent)