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Elijah Green's journey showcases not just potential, but an unmatched drive to excel, impressing coaches with his speed and natural batting talent.

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 When young athletes begin their journey to be their best, they harness their potential to push themselves on and off the field. While Elijah Green clearly has great potential, it’s his drive to become a better version of himself that sets him apart - a skill set that can't necessarily be taught.

Will Townsley, an IMG Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach, was immediately impressed with Elijah’s speed. “The first day I was around him was our first day of performance testing,” Will says. “I was looking forward to seeing what this guy could actually do. He exploded off the line, at which point I was like, ‘this is going to be a different individual.’”

When it comes to training hard, Elijah takes it in stride. “I lift three times a week and then do speed training two times a week,” he explains. 

While heavy training was a newer aspect for Elijah, his batting came naturally, according to John-Ford Griffin, IMG Academy baseball’s Hitting Coordinator. “The guy was made to hit a baseball,” Griffin says. “For him, it was a matter of controlling his body and being in a position that he can see the ball deeper and react over time.”



According to Diamyn Hall, an IMG Leadership Coach, the only person who’s going to stop Elijah is Elijah. “I could see him taking his career as far as he wants to take it,” Hall explains. “It’s just going to be a matter of staying consistent with doing the work required in order to become the best version of himself.”

Watch the video to see how Elijah’s training has positioned him as a top pick in the upcoming MLB Draft. To learn about the offerings at IMG Academy, click on the links below, or request a consultation for more information.

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