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Elijah Green's transition into a leadership role for IMG baseball exemplifies his respected character and ability to unite teammates.

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Leadership is important in any sport. A strong leader can boost morale, motivate their teammates, and set the standard for others to follow. Going into his senior season, IMG baseball student-athlete Elijah Green saw a role that needed filling, and he took it upon himself to step up and lead his team.

Before he decided to take it on, Elijah was already someone that everyone on the team respected. “He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever seen,” says John-Ford Griffin, IMG Hitting Coordinator. “He’s that guy that people want to be around, and for me I think that he’s a franchise player. He’s a guy that you build teams around.”

Green’s friend and IMG teammate, senior pitcher Luke Ross, shares the same opinion as his coaches. These two student-athletes got to know each other quite well over their final school year. “Elijah called me toward the end of the summer. He’s like, ‘Hey man, we’re gonna be roommates.’ I was pumped,” says Ross. “Elijah’s a super fun guy to be around. Anyone who’s got the chance to be close with him, I don’t think anyone would regret that.”

Becoming a leader wasn’t initially something Green expected to become. His decision to attend IMG helped him become more social. “Coming here has really helped me with my social skills,” Green explains. “I didn’t really talk to anyone back at home. I just wanted to play baseball, play video games, and then go to sleep. Now it’s like I really have built a bond here with my friends.”


Along his leadership on the field, Elijah also does his best to set a good example in the classroom. His ability to excel at academics earned him a 2022 Watkins Award from the National Alliance of African American Athletes. “It really meant everything to me,” Green says. “It showed that my grades and my sport have been recognized by people around the world.”

Watch the video to learn more about Elijah Green and how baseball is more than just a game for this student-athlete. To sign up for a baseball camp, or any of our other sports offerings, you can learn more by clicking the links below.

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