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IMG Academy track and field camps offer in-depth instruction for all events—plus cross country. Our track and field training camps are perfect for males and females ages 12-18 and help junior campers improve their movement, speed, balance, concentration, power, and develop event-specific skills.

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How You'll Improve


  • Start and acceleration techniques
  • Maximum velocity sprint mechanics
Sprints Training at IMG


  • 100/110m, 300m, and 400m
  • Hurdle technique
  • Rhythm
  • Lead leg and trail leg drills
  • Race modeling strategy
Hurdles Training at IMG


  • Sprint mechanics
  • Preparation
  • Take off
  • Flight phase
  • Landing
Jumps Training at IMG


  • Developing the relationship between the athlete and the implement
  • Improving proprioception and throwing technique efficiency
Throws and Shot Put Camp Training at IMG


  • Running mechanics
  • Reprogramming the nervous system
  • Reduce oxygen cost of running
Distance Training at IMG


  • Mental discipline
  • Confidence
  • Superior focus
  • Preparation
  • Addressing adversity
Mental Track and Field Training

Track & Field Coaches & Staff

Track and Field Training Facilities

Youth track & field campers have access to our state-of-the-art stadium, which features a 400m, 8-lane track, two pole vault runways with international-standard pits, with two multi-directional long jump/triple jump pits, a dedicated long throw areas with multiple circles and cages. All campers have access to our 12,000-square-foot weight room and a covered turf facility for speed and movement.

What People Are Saying About Our Track and Field Camp Program:

"I was amazed by the facilities at IMG when I went to camp this summer. The track coaches pushed me so I could reach my potential. I feel confident that this season for track I will PR!"

"When I heard about what IMG camps had to offer, I immediately knew that if I wanted to improve my athleticism and have more of an athlete's mindset, it would be the right place for me."

"IMG is the best place to train if you are serious about your sport. You learn a lot of how to be responsible, improve your technique and be friendly with the others. I think this is a fantastic experience that everyone should try."

About Our Very Important Athlete Program

At IMG Academy, we are dedicated to providing all athletes, especially our younger ones, an atmosphere rich in personal development ensuring future success. At no additional cost - The V.I.A. (Very Important Athlete) program aims to create a fun & memorable camp experience for younger athletes. Campers 10 and younger will take part in age-appropriate activities complimentary to their camp schedules delivered by responsible and energetic chaperones. V.I.A. campers will have a unique camp experience creating memories and life-long skills. 11 year old campers are eligible for the V.I.A. program upon special request.

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