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Class of 2015 quarterback duo train at IMG Academy for upcoming season

IMG Academy
Colton Cerday training at IMG Academy.

Diego Chrysler of McAllen, Texas and Colton Cerday of Wimberley, Texas came to IMG Academy last week to go through an extensive training camp for quarterbacks under the direction of former Heisman Trophy winner and Director of Football, Chris Weinke. During the camp they were put through numerous drills working on arm positioning; their release; footwork and more.

“The competition here is a higher level, so I will be a higher level than everyone else at my high school and bring them up,” said Diego Chrysler, who is expected to start at McAllen Memorial High School this season. “They mainly tell us to work from the ground up… You can’t do anything without your legs.”

“I’ve been here four days, and I’ve definitely seen a lot of things I can take back with me that I can work on,” said Wimberley High School quarterback, Colton Cerday. “The way they were showing me to throw the ball and set my feet when I throw has been a learning experience for sure.”

These two rising prospects in the Class of 2015 headed back to Texas with newfound focus; new drills to work on during the offseason; and high hopes for their junior seasons.